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  1. Yes I think they are that probably. Different texture now i look carefully.
  2. Thanks for the info. The ground (seabed) is at 0 metres and the sea level is 20 metres. I can see in the region details confirm a terrain raise and lower limit of +/- 4m. So with a terraforming limit of 4 metres I guess this means I can't build the seabed up and would only be allowed to make a "floating" platform. But oddly some of the surrounding parcels do have blocks of land coming up from the seabed and above the water. (the location is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ten Pages/228/175/24 )
  3. @Ethan Paslong Oh OK that's interesting, thank you. I wasn't sure whether there were Linden-controlled restrictions on what places could be land vs sea, to control the coastline so to speak. There are a few platforms around the parcel that is for sale so I could do that too. As a side point: So there are limits on terraforming then (or can be in some places)? I assume that must mean a maximum and minimum land height for any given parcel. Thanks
  4. Maybe the answer "yes" is a given, but I want to be sure. I have found a parcel for sale in an area I like but when I TP to it there is no land there! Just sea. If I buy this land will I be able to use the build tool to build the sea bed up till it is above sea level? (i.e. so I have some land!) Thanks
  5. Now it has been restarted, I have noticed it has good and bad days and times. And also I have learned from the Linden support that it is restarted every week anyway, so the restart I mentioned above was nothing special. I feel the problem is unsolved. I suggested in the support ticket that my best option might be to move elsewhere. Although they did not respond directly to my suggestion, they also did not disagree in their reply.
  6. Hi all My support ticket got updated: "The region was in great need of a restart. I have just done that and you should see overall improved performance. Please let me know if you continue to have issues." Let's hope so. But in any event I have learned a lot here so thanks to everyone for being super nice and helpful. X
  7. Thank you. I will look at that viewer statistics help page. I filed a support ticket yesterday so hopefully I will hear back soon.
  8. I am not making any assumptions, I only said "maybe" it is abandoned Naturally it is up to Linden Lab to determine that. From one of the answers above it sounds as though there is a loophole where "group-deeded land often remains unreclaimed for months". Yes there are LOTS of skyboxes going up to 4000 metres. Some big public group use places it seems. The stats screenshot goes a little over my head as totally new to this. But from the sounds of it something unusual is going on? Thanks for your other suggestions - and yes a support ticket is being placed tonight - just been busy with RL stuff. Thank you!
  9. Oh wow - yes I did see you hovering not far from my parcel not so long ago. Thanks so much for taking a look around. For me the 'walking through treacle' thing is intermittent. I have the problem on three different computers (one very new and fast) so I don't think it is client lag but always possible. I will avoid that 'Love Bug' toy. And also try removing some HUDs to see if it makes any difference. And yes – lots of the land in Moorsby is empty so it is surprising that it's laggy. But... I rezzed a simple platform, sat on it, and took it gradually up to 4000 metres - to see if i could find some clear airspace for a skybox (hoping for less lag). And found it was quite busy with floating structures all the way up. Some very large. I suppose outside a certain range they should hopefully not affect me on the ground.
  10. Thank you to everyone for the helpful (as ever) replies above - so lovely! Also thanks to the person who contacted me by IM and gave me lots of really detailed advice about contacting support and so on. It sounds like I can get to the bottom of this and - of course - always move if it comes to that. Perhaps I don't really need to be in an adult area at all - maybe moderate areas are less likely to be filled with objects that generally cause lag (just an educated guess). And my parcel is only for private use anyway. I will read up more on this. It's my first land parcel which I basically took because a friend gave it me for free.
  11. Aha ok - so smaller than I thought – in terms of land area at least. Though having explored further *up* today I see the sky is quite busy all the way up to 4000 metres. Thank you - that is good to know. Interesting... So it is possible for 'stale' parcels to linger then. Good to learn, thank you!
  12. No I believe the Sim is called Moorsby (unless I am confused about what a sim is) and as far as I know it's a very area so must have lots of tenants. I wasn't sure if things far away from me (but still in the SIM) could affect my lag.
  13. Newbie question - related (sort of) - if you own land do you own all of the sky above it? Or could someone else put a skybox above my parcel?
  14. (Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times. I have tried to use the search but not found the answer) Basically - I have a small parcel - just 20 x 40 metres with my little house in it. But when I walk around I sometimes can hardly move, or then I will sink into the floor then suddenly reset to floor level. I have turned on the lag meter and it says server lag is bad (it shows in red). It is on mainland in an adult area. I have a modest amount of furniture. My understanding is that this type of lag is largely caused by too many scripts in the sim. I have had an explore and high above me just to one side is a huge deserted adult club in a castle in the air. I had a nosy around and it is full of *interesting* and complicated-looking equipment. It seems to be completely abandoned (I have never seen anyone there in 'radar'). I contacted the land owner some time ago (and sent a notecard) and have had no response. Maybe they no longer use Second Life. So three questions: 1. Is there a range from my parcel within which other people's scripts can affect performance back in my parcel, or is it the whole sim? 2. If I am affected by the whole sim how big is a sim? I have looked on https://maps.secondlife.com but can't see sim borders. 3. Is there no policy of de-rezzing objects or at least disabling scripts in abandoned places? If not it seems to be this could be a good policy from LL. Though... I suppose the tenant must still be paying for the land on a monthly basis?
  15. It seemed to work fine yesterday - I only sent one reply but it seemed to go through to the recipient almost immediately.
  16. moirakathleen and LittleMe Jewell - aha.. thank you both! Yes it does say mainland in the 'about land' box. I see now. That makes a lot of sense. I didn't find that explanation anywhere in the official help pages. Thank you again.
  17. Hi.. Newbie land question. I have searched for answers to this but none seem to explain it sufficiently well for my apparently tiny brain.... So here's the setup: I recently bought a plot of land off a friend (1024 sq m) I have no idea if it's on an island or mainland (how can i tell? why does it matter? I just TP there. I don't generally have a concept of where sims are located relative to each other) In order to buy it I had to upgrade my account from free to premium, which was fine. All seems to work OK... Also: On the SL website under 'Land Manager' it says my plot has 'billable size 1024' Under 'Land use fees' it says "Premium Bonus in Square Meters: 1024" , Monthly cost: $0. Paid tier level: – Below I see the 'Update Tier' heading, with tier options below. The tier is set to: "USD 0.00/ month", 0 SQ M, Amount: 0/128 Region So, umm questions: Can I leave the tier on the free, bottom setting? If so why is it free? Why is there the option for *me* to change the tier, rather LL just billing me for the amount of land I am using? Why would you ever raise the tier setting if you weren't forced to? What would happen if you lowered it to a tier setting that didn't cover the amount of land you had? Thanks!
  18. Thanks everyone. This explains a lot of confusion me and my friends have been having! x
  19. I had been using this email reply feature.... but recently a friend kept getting confused by messages from me appearing randomly. We figured out that some of my replies were arriving in her IMs over 48 hours later. She was getting completely out of context one-line messages from me. So I have stopped using it.
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