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  1. I have seen this go on the parcel I rent, a couple months ago a random person came onto my parcel never said a word, I walked over there to greet them at the landing spot and once I arrived the person just teleported out and kept on coming back for many days not saying a word. I used my casper visitor tracker to help see how many times he person visited in a week it was 12 times I had to block the account from coming into my parcel. Some people who come in and don't respond usually leave suddenly its really weird I never had that problem on SL.
  2. What sort of roleplay would you be interested in? Whenever I use my Bloodlines Hud I roleplay with it if the partner allows it. I have the amulet protection so I don't need to attack or feed a lot besides when I send blood to one of my partners in bloodlines that is the same creature as me. I have my own tanks even a shop and a bar for Bloodlines to use on my land to make it easier if people don't want to go to bloodlines places. the role-plays I usually do are creative and more of the adult ERP type.
  3. I want to add something to this post I forgot to add into it. First of all I want to help teach Bloodlines that its not all bad and can be fun if you're willing to make it fun for yourself. I mostly teach what I know and do what I can to teach various things about Bloodlines. The Bloodlines groups are always not working all the time due to some sort of glitch inworld that makes it hard for me to chat or meet up with other players. I often read from getting others perspective where Bloodlines is limited and once you do everything in the achievements along with earning rank there isn't much to d
  4. I do know of a dungeon that is used in a roleplay hud system that most people don't like but this part is an add on to it. Bloodlines has this new thing that came out last year called Legends its sort of like a mmorpg where you can go on quests and do various things on the quest land including make various items, gather items for quests in a way its kind of like Skyrim but the quests can be fun to do. I mostly enjoy that part of Bloodlines because it reminds me of the video game Skyrim with the way it is set up.
  5. I love Aesthetic Mesh body easier to use and apply clothing, Recently I tried a demo of Letluka head and slink body for males it looked crappy to me unless I didn't apply everything correctly but at least I do enjoy the body even if its a bit more muscle its fine with me. The appliers are easy to remove with a simple hud.
  6. The duties are to help us gather recruits for the RP and we plan on having hud systems for the Roleplay as well. Since it's fairly new we plan on expanding to a few full sims in the future to help make the RP realistic when more people come in for various things like taverns, shops, blacksmiths etc. We have a lore as well that is in development that works into the roleplay. For the RP HUD it would be combat related along with health, stamina and other skills added to help make it realistic to battle with like Elder Scrolls Online or war of Worldcraft in a sense. Its not paid unless someone wan
  7. Hello there I'm seeking 6 people who want to help run a full sim for an RP that is currently in development at this time. These people would help have 1full sim that can be used for the group and eventually get 4-6 other full sims to create a Medieval Fantasy type roleplay village along with housing and of course like a castle along with other things. We are discussing by October to have the backers to produce one full sim. Renting is hard to find the proper land so we are stuck renting a 1/4 parcel at this time. If anyone wants to help gather the people and backers including role-players plea
  8. Since no one is replying if a mod can delete this post that is fine the grand opening is canceled for right now.
  9. I'm still looking for partners at this time if anyone is interested please let me know via here or inworld on SL.
  10. I saw a post a few weeks back of an MC recruitment here on the forums I believe it was Black Dragons.
  11. You're not the only one I'm a female in real life with a male avatar and I have a female (RP / character account I sometimes use to explore). I think its good to use a male avatar and a female avatar depending on whatever you decide to do. As for relationships pretty much everyone I am friends with or partners with knows my real life gender and my alt so it works out perfectly. I'm open and honest to people I am with in friendship or more close intimate partnerships. I've got nothing to hide at all when it comes to being who I am and why. Besides with Male avatars I can dress more with band t-
  12. I don't see a bad reason to partner with alts if its more of a prevent the creeps away its a good thing or more for just fill the space so no one asks you to partner up and break up within a day to a week later. its not a bad thing to me I've done it before mostly with a friend who had an alt who was needing protection from creeps.
  13. Grand opening of the castle is April 9th 2021 at 1PM PDT time if anyone is interested feel free to contact me.
  14. Hello my name is Viper, I'm a role-player that is actively in the BDSM lifestyle as well as Poly lifestyle. (4 years poly experience in real life). I am seeking female partners whom are active to explore the lifestyle together and will be on a trial basis based on how active we meet with each other a few times a week. (I'm always open to having connection on Discord if you can't be on here). The partnerships for people are to be open with poly relationships and open relationships. This means you are allowed to have freedom to have other partners but make time for us both. (I'm always online ev
  15. If it makes sense I'm a female in real life but I'm bisexual but I'm mostly into women for partnerships. I have a female alt but I rarely use her besides when I feel like switching around on the bright side I like dressing up as a male more online because its more of my style for clothing. I feel like as woman online that I get targeted for more pervs that are weird and strange. Maybe that's just me but I always let people know who get to know me that I'm a female in real life with a male avatar online.
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