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  1. Depends with the poses I have a couch that has both PG and Adult poses but I mainly use the couch to sit on with my partner because the cuddle animations are PG but more realistic some items come with both of those sets of animations that are a mixture its an adult rated couch.
  2. I have the same issue as well I have tried everything to make I work but I just put a neck tattoo up around the neck to help it look semi normal I hope both come out with a fixer in a new update of the body / head.
  3. What I've done is put payment info on file it has helped reduce the amount of bots coming onto my parcel and also my security orb has helped as well kicking them off when under 60 days at most which is one thing I have done but I understand bots are needed for various things to keep SL going in a sense.
  4. I think Second Life is the biggest virtual world at least I know it has more people than what IMVU has in general of population. I know a lot of people have left IMVU and come to Second Life or vice versa just to see how both vary in networking. To be honest I think it is one of the biggest top social worlds out there for PC or Mac users.
  5. just edited my post didn't realize I put the wrong thing down my bad for being distracted earlier. but yes I do emote and use huds together for realistic RP.
  6. It depends are you someone that wants a realistic type RP scene like myself I use bloodlines for the realistic attacks instead of just emoting I use the hud to attack other players or turn them on their own terms. I don't dislike emoting all together I forgot to add this I just enjoy using both the hud and emoting earlier I was distracted and didn't finish my post my bad.
  7. Bloodlines is more of a soul gaining concept and being in a family but also you can by an Angel or a Demon or even a Hybrid of both. For the items on those two I had to buy myself but bloodlines if you turn into a creature without getting the amulet your character can die. But most people in Bloodlines play legends that is a quest based add on where you can do quests on bloodline legends worlds. Bloodlines is pricey and you would need to spend a lot unless you want to join a family that can provide for you I can help with that.
  8. You can try poly lifestyle groups in world like PolyActive but as for moving to a different country for RL not a lot of people in the poly lifestyle have the funds or even want to do that sadly I wouldn't force anyone to move somewhere else where a relationship even in a poly one could go wrong but anyways good luck.
  9. I think she means that she wants out of SL contact like discord as an example to keep the RP going if she can't be online some people do that like I do with a few of my friends who often can't be on due to RL so we use discord to keep in touch.
  10. I feel as this term is very unethical to use in any sort of way. Yeah a lot of people are from that generation but to me it is very disrespectful.
  11. I can't share the MP here in the guidelines but let me send it to you via messages here in the forums.
  12. Sounds fun but in my RP I am not into combat related systems much or DND I feel like those systems work more in an RP like Pandemoinum. As for titles I just have my 2 groups that work together for the titles. but I can look into that system and see if it works. Nexus has like a banking system that works with the grocery store along with other stuff in the shop. I like if someone were to own a business they would make RP money in a sense like in real life kind of like in Sims games if it makes sense but my RP is also ran by a Motorcycle club that deals in heavy outlaw type stuff like in GTA onl
  13. Hello I found a few immersive roleplaying huds that seem fun to use, one is from Nexus with various items you can use for an urban city. Has anyone else found any immersive roleplay huds that would work for an urban city type RP? Do you think the immersive type systems helps bring people in for urban RP? Just needing advice since this is my first time finding items like this in marketplace.
  14. I will say this I've been busy for a couple of days not really looking at this section of the forums. Okay well what you said was disrespectful assuming I was asking for people to help me back the RP but barely anyone looks at the RP forums for anything anymore. When people do post people often be rude. I wasn't looking for an agenda just friendship at this point in maybe finding people to roleplay with or chat. I have declined in giving the RP forums any motivation to use with people being rude as many others have been not to myself but others as well with constant criticism that is n
  15. The problem is my MacBook Pro sucks its not good for SL but it's the only thing I can do without crashing all the time is by staying in my sim mostly because even if I do all of those things you suggested it won't work for me like I can barely move in an empty sim without lagging like crazy. Sucky computers can't handle SL well to function but its what I have to use even with firestorm.
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