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  1. If you have sent an inworld message and we havent replied please post here or send again! We've received a huge response so some may not have been replied to and missed!
  2. 1. Enjoy exploring and just vist loads of other shops until you see somewhere that has a store or land for rent 2. This is very useful but will probably mean you pay more for the store 3. Yes and No. If its too similar they will maybe just ignore yours as they have the items at the other store 4. Impossible to rely 100% on anyone. This is why buying mainland is a good option. 5. You own it, it wont be taken away from you. 6. Think about expansion... is there room to expand the land are or prim count
  3. I thought there was enough land available for everyone? Should have seen the prices back in 2008!!
  4. Some really good answers here. I think you will find a good solution.
  5. We're looking for advanced scripters to help us with an in-world project. If you have the ability to create advanced scripts please contact us in-world through "CrocTechnologies Resident" via IM or Notecard to discuss further details.
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