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  1. Wonderful! Thank you Xiija!! This does the job! Still discovering how you did this :-) but many thanks. Kind regards, trivis
  2. At first it seemed not too difficult to tackle the following problem, but in the end I did not manage to do it. Rotations are the story of my (second) life :-) The problem: I have an object consisting of several prims. When someone touches the object i would like to point one of the childprims to the avatar who touched the object. See attached picture. The rotation of (only!) that childprim only need to be done around in its XY-plane, so only a rotation around its Z-axis. Does anyone has a working solution? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Thank you all for your response! Highly appriciated. In the most simple version it would be nice to give the gift a 'unique' number of a sequence... That is: the first recipient will get numer 1, the second numer 2, the third nr3 and so on... But it is clear to me that i have to find another way :-) Thanks again! trivis
  4. Dear scripters, I am looking for a way to change the object description of an item i have in the content tab of a giver object. The idea is that when someone touches the main object the description of the object to give away will be changed first, so i can make the gift more personalized. Havent found a way yet to do so. Was wondering if it is possible, and if yes, how so? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you so much for this clear explanation, Innula!!! Very much appreciated. Big hug! Trivis
  6. Thanks Innula! This is how i have done it so far. Have a long negative channel based on the ownerkey and clothingobject. Works all fine. This means that the listener in the clothing is ALWAYS listening... most of the time for 'nothing'. So I was thinking if the clothing would not listen at first but use a timer to llRegionSayTo and let the hud listen, wouldnt that be more efficient? Thanks again for your swift response, Innula. Trivis
  7. Dear all, Perhaps you have an answer to my question. I have two objects. One is a clothing and the other one is a hud. The hud is for changing the texture of the clothing. So clothing would be worn "often" and the hud "sometimes". To make the texture-exchange as easy as possible, I have two scripting options for both objects to see eachother. One is that the clothing has a listener that is always open and reacts with llRegionSayTo. The other options is that the clothing has a timer, for let's say every 10 or 15 seconds and the hud has a listener. After the two object "see" eachother the exchange of information can start. Will there be a best option of those two options? Thanks in advance, Trivis
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