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  1. @Rolig Loon and @Jaylinbridges thank you for helping! <3
  2. @JaylinbridgesWhat I am wondering is: I hear that it's sort of a "matter of time" and how long I am willing to wait, but if I put a limit sell at 239 L$/US$ I will still have to hope that the 240 (or above) disappears at some point, because the best sell rate will always take precedence for a market buyer, over my "queue" at 239. Did I get this wrong? Does the "waiting list" matter more than a better rate?
  3. Would it be possible for someone like me - just a SL manager making the odd 100$ a month - to have access to any of the information? I would love to learn!
  4. Somewhere in this forum I read: " The main risk to L$ value is a decline in effective L$-denominated sinks" - I learned what sinks are, but I can't see how their decline can mine the value of L$... can anyone explain?
  5. thank you kindly @Charlotte Bartlett, that is some precious info! So, say I am in no rush to cash out - does selling at 239 L$/US$ (with hundreds of millions kind of stagnating in there) make any sense? or anything lower than that, for that matter...?
  6. oh no that's not what I intend to do XD I am just seeking for advice on what's the decent rates for a limit sell
  7. Thank you everyone for the insight! Since I have you here, I would like to hear your opinion: looking at the rates right now, https://gyazo.com/6bc31c434dcd9f2fe583f510e57e86 and assuming I was to try the limit sell, is it likely that an order lower than that huuuuuge chunk at 239/1US$ would ever get sold? I did a small market sell and I'm happy about it, but I would like to give the limit sell a try at some point, since I'm in no rush of cashing out!
  8. That makes sense, and I had no idea (maybe because I never considered doing it) - so thank you for mentioning @Finite! but by reading old threads, I am wondering if this regulation has been introduced only recently? I think I recall people saying that buying/selling Ls for a profit isn't worth the work or the wait - and even some speculating about traders dumping millions of Ls to influence the rates? unless I completely misunderstood, which is not that unlikely XD
  9. Ooo I've never heard of those promotions, probably because I became a Premium only just recently - I will look it up! and TY for the link, and the clarification
  10. @Rolig Loon thank you for the info and the advice! I've been reading all the threads/comments on the topic that I could find in this forum and found myself wishing I understood all the dynamics - it's quite exciting, for now XD
  11. @Finiteyes, from my understanding it's not a real stock exchange and you can't make a profit - you can only "maximize" the earning from the Ls you're selling, and I'm fine with that. is that what you mean with "net gains"?
  12. After years, I finally decided to venture into the (for me) mysterious practice of cashing out. I have zero knowledge in economics/stock markets, and although I think I somehow managed to get the very basics of LindeX down, I am finding the whole thing pretty fascinating and would like to learn more about it. Can anyone point out/recommend readings that provide more insight...? blogs, websites, even articles if they exist! Google hasn't helped so far TIA!
  13. I have no idea why they keep them. Maybe in hope they would return, at some point? But if so, why not risk to lose them to help the actual active base of users with lag and related issues? Also, I was referring to very old, outdated, forever inactive accounts... definitely not premium or land owners, for as little active as they can be; call them the casual alt, created and left to die there, not online for 5+ years, maybe even 10. Always giving a 90 days prior notice via email, like someone else had suggested. Anyone coming back straight from 2004, or 2006, would have to start from scratch anyway, toss the whole of their inventory and learn everything anew. So why not? I am no LL employee so I don't know the actual implications of this, or even the advantages, but I would gladly hear about those from a Linden. It's just food for thought, and it seems feasible with the due precautions.
  14. Arachnoid hands with long fingers as well? Is it Marfan by any chance?
  15. I agree, but still wonder why they don't 🙄🤔😔
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