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  1. I have no idea why they keep them. Maybe in hope they would return, at some point? But if so, why not risk to lose them to help the actual active base of users with lag and related issues? Also, I was referring to very old, outdated, forever inactive accounts... definitely not premium or land owners, for as little active as they can be; call them the casual alt, created and left to die there, not online for 5+ years, maybe even 10. Always giving a 90 days prior notice via email, like someone else had suggested. Anyone coming back straight from 2004, or 2006, would have to start from scratch anyway, toss the whole of their inventory and learn everything anew. So why not? I am no LL employee so I don't know the actual implications of this, or even the advantages, but I would gladly hear about those from a Linden. It's just food for thought, and it seems feasible with the due precautions.
  2. Arachnoid hands with long fingers as well? Is it Marfan by any chance?
  3. I agree, but still wonder why they don't 🙄🤔😔
  4. Well for starters, the amount of offlines would fall, if those accounts are part of x groups, besides relieving said groups from unnecessary lag, as I mentioned before. It may sound like just a drop in the ocean, but we can't determine that if we don't know the volume of actual inactive accounts... it might actually make up for the group allowance being kept at 42, for non-premium users?
  5. That yes, they would need to find a way to refund the L$ you have on said account, but that sounds easily done to me?
  6. After you have been away for so many years, I think the only deterrent would be having to start from scratch with styling, and adjusting to the new features. Might as well make a new account, if you really want to play. I know I wouldn't feel entitled to be pissed if I were to be away for 5+ years and my account to be purged PRIOR a fair warning
  7. I wholeartedly agree with all of this, it's exactly what I was going to suggest, and it's something I've thinking about long before these ooooh amazing news LL has brought us yesterday. With enough time for a response, purging very old and unused accounts seems pretty fair and it would drastically reduce the load on servers - until switch to the cloud is completed - and maybe help with groups' lag, ultimately. How many people created alts for just one specific reason, or for the fun of it, just to forget about them the next day? Which brings me to the next point. Limit the number of alts per account (or email) to what, 3? Maybe 5? I have often heard of people having up to what, 30 alts, and you can imagine the reasons behind this being plain malicious. Of course, this would only apply to new Premium users. Old ones would keep theirs, until first point applies. Last, YES, YES, YES PLEASE: offer tiered (if not à la carte) Premium subscriptions! That's my take... for now lol
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