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  1. So I filled out the form a submitted it. However, as chic said, I want to know some info about this job. What studio is it? What is the pay?whats the hours required? What work would a sales professional need to do? The *HIRING* post offered little details.
  2. Hey there, I'd love to work as customer service or help with marketing. Just so you know, I can only work weekends. If I need to fill in any forms, i will be happy to, just send me those application forms via this page.
  3. Thank you for the help! I'll try out Linden Realms, although I'm not really sure what it is. I've heard of it before though. I might try out customer service too, try out my luck. Thanks again!
  4. Hello there So I am a newbie to second life looking for a job. I've looked through the employment sections but I can't find a job that suits me. I can only work at the weekend, during specific times. I can work a maximum of one hour per day. I prefer to have a office job or even a cashier /receptionists but I am willing to a much wider selection of jobs. I need an unskilled job which doesn't require me to look or be something particular (such as a model would need to invest a lot of lindens for their looks) because I currently don't have any lindens. Just a quick note, I am not will
  5. Hey there D3AMme, So basically I am a newbie in Second Life and I currently have no lindens. I heard that the one of the ways of earning lindens without paying rl money is getting a job. I've looked through the employment sections, but none of the jobs fit me. I am looking for an unskilled job preferably an office job, with a minimum of 10 L$ per half hour. I can only work at weekends (I am in Greenwich time zone) during specific times due to stuff in rl. So basically I am looking for an office job.
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