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  1. I have a group that does Witches & Werewolves and hunts/protects the veil to keep the secret of magic and the supernatural. They're set in Oregon and we've talked about doing an academy for a while. I had the bones of one, and it got derailed a bit by some other focuses in the RP. Ping me if you'd like to collaborate.
  2. Aww! Well you are both welcome. I can help brainstorm. I think it would be fun to have my character's apartment be sorta the hub of a little social group. #squadgoals anyone? Lol but earnestly....let me know if I can help inspire you or talk out ideas. I'm so in.
  3. I'm wanting to open up my character's story and add to it through a combination of SL, Twitter, and Discord RP. There is some established info about her NPC family but I would be open to adding family members. Friends; of any kind, but a close-knit friend group would be fun to build. Rivalries, enemies, Stans, overzealous fans, stalkers, creepy guy from down the hall. Talent scouts or projects to get involved in. Volunteer work. Etc. A bit about her: Faithe "Fay" Winters IC Twitter: @Faithewinters 22 (23 in Feb) Aquarius Student: does correspondent course work for interior design. She works from home managing remote office assistants and offsite office/reception needs for businesses and freelancers. She models, but thinks of it more as a hobby than having any career aspirations in the industry. But she is always open to more work. She just doesn't have a head for chasing down jobs. She takes them when they come to her. She has a similar relationship with her music. She has a heavenly voice and has never met an instrument she couldn't at least figure out. But aside from just uploading online for fun, and having some songs on iTunes, she is not very savvy about the business side of music and thinks that it would probably ruin it for her anyway. Fay is genuinely kindhearted and warm with a bubbly cheerful nature despite her reserved streak and is a living juxtapose of being innocent and sweet and being sexy and vivacious. She is always incredibly oblivious about how people see her, though. Her mother is dying so she is stuck in Louisiana taking care of her for the time being. But she is originally from the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon specifically. She makes the best weed cookies, maybe ever. She is trying to find herself after a mentally and emotionally abusive 2 year relationship that also ended in the discovery of betrayal from not only him but from her best friend and their entire circle of friends so she is trying to move on from that and rebuild. She is a gentle, highly empathic creature that hates confrontation and has a highly submissive nature. She fuels herself by taking care of the people around her and volunteering. If every friend group could be sorted into a video game party she would be the healer every time; supportive, caretaker sort, with some solid first aid skills. She has a highly repressed interest in women that she can admit but doesn't know what to do with so she ignores it and squashes it down. Fay has a unique swirl of self confidence and self deprecating humility. Modern/urban realistic rp. I can match any third person style from a few lines to multiple paragraphs. Longterm story is ideal. I'm willing to hear most any idea really. Let's see what inspires us and brainstorm a way to build a connection. Interested in talking out some ideas? Let's chat. Here, in world, or DM me on her twitter account.
  4. I have a small group of amazing people I play with and have a few characters that would be open to new storylines. I play modern fantasy inside a masquerade so I can participate in urban stories and just keep it more surface with my own supernatural stuff secret, or I can invite someone in to play with our supernatural RP. Feel Free to IM me in world if you are interested or want to brainstorm. (I tend to forget to check my replies on the forums for long periods. bronwyn.breen )
  5. My witchy girl is a bit of a workaholic and gets lost in her family obligations and career...and playing her true to form, she has a little trouble getting out there to make friends. She is friendly but has trouble letting her walls down to actually make connections. People have to be a bit persistent to get close. Anyway, that is all fine and good...I don't want to just drop that all together. I enjoy playing her authentically and letting her sorta evolve through the story. But it is a trait that can kinda get in the way of story flow, or I just get bored as her typist. I've sorta of had her realize icky that it is something missing in her life and that she wants to try to change so I can have her dabble in branching out. I suppose I'm on the lookout for people that are interested in being fodder for her journey. Would-be social connections and the various outlets that can take. I'm open to brainstorming a variety of insighting meeting opportunities. She is a single mom. Leader of her coven. Animal lover. Successful apothecary. Active in her town and local government. In a serious relationship...so the dating awkwardness is in her past one hopes. Means of meeting in SL can be discussed. Or Twitter or discord. She has ic Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  6. Oof! Yup. I totally misread that. Apologies! And regarding the sim, we're seeking more than just animals. You're still welcome to stop by and check it out.
  7. If you'd like. You mentioned having animal characters - we have a pretty open welcome to animal characters with a big animal services department and lots of forest space, caves, and nature woven in to the build. Or you are welcome to just check out our sim at your leisure. www.emoryhaven.weebly.com
  8. My sim is reopening, and my family lives right beside a big forest preserve. We love animals and I could totally see us sorta taking care of a pet doe that wandered up to our house from the woods. We'll also be adding an adoptions element to our animal services department on sim, as well as adoptions for kiddos. It's a shame to hear about Heritage. They were a great resource for people connecting for a long time. That leaves a pretty big void. Feel free to message me in world any time. You too, Redwrath.
  9. Emory Haven, Oregon - Modern Fantasy Sim to Reopen With fresh changes and we need others to share their experience with us. The SL experience of Emory Haven is reopening as a scenic modern fantasy setting and we're doing things a little differently. Magic still exists in secret and we are poised to offer a RP-friendly town that is a relaxed, freeform type of sim focused on the community and joys of SL living. Our more in-depth immersive elements are still being developed and will resume in our upcoming optional companion site to be launched in the near future (more on that as it unfolds). EHSL will provide a beautiful backdrop for residents to live and play in a freeform environment rich with potential and opportunity in a residential setting. Same stunning setting, same love of telling stories with a fresh experience to call home. We are seeking staff, leaders, and residents to join us. www.emoryhaven.weebly.com New Landing Area so you can go look and see: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crevel/130/117/68 But here is why we're in the forums today; we need staff and leaders to help us create an active and thriving community that is unique and fun to play in. Seeking Staff and Leaders Admins Rental Team Members Activity & Events Director Activity Team Members Outreach & Marketing General Sim Staff Newspaper Editor Business Owners Municipal Services Leaders & Staff - Hospital - Fire - Police - Animal Services Department - Human Services Department (Adoptions & Social Services) - School - Library - Recreation Leaders (Sports, etc) - Legal - Workforce Commission - etc. I don't have a ton of experience with providing working emergency services and could use some knowledgeable people to help us get those things set up to their best potential in our little town. I'm open to ideas and suggestions from staff and residents. We've taken our thickly immersive experience to a companion site to be launched in a text-focused platform so Second Life is a relaxed diorama backdrop of our RP and is considerably more freeform and relaxed than it was previously. For the best chance of response, please message me in world. bronwyn.breen
  10. There is an element of masquerade, so if a glamour was maintained, sure.
  11. Witches, werewolves, fae, merfolk, vampires, even Hoomans and feral animals. I'm looking for you to come play with us. IM me in world an I can give you more info.
  12. I can sympathize. I get frustrated with a lot of SL staple RP culture that has grown into the "norm" over the years. I had a similar issue also with having trouble finding what I wanted from a sim or having to choose from the depth and immersive feeling I seek when I share the act of storytelling with others, and having to choose the youth characters that were a huge part of my character's lives and who's players mean a lot to me and I thoroughly enjoy telling stories with. So, I opted to create my own community. We do things similarly enough that no one has to relearn the art the share from scratch, we just add emphasis on accountability and participation from our players. It has been a really amazing and inspiring experience so far. We have a ton of different plot themes from wholesome slice of life to dark underbelly. Our moderate rating keeps things more balanced and layered and feeling more "real" with it still being a delightfully creative escape from reality. Sorry, I nerd out a smidge, but we've been having a lot of fun and we've barely even covered the tip of the ice burg. We have a really cool group of storytellers so our potential is pretty exciting.
  13. Why don't you make a thread for this instead of hijacking someone else's with a clearly different topic? This person has been on the lookout for something very specific for half a year. And plus you would get more attention and discussion on an original thread about your idea.
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