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  1. I was afraid of that & hoping maybe she just brushed it in PS. Doux & Foxy have similar styles I can check out. Thanks for your time!
  2. xxR10Txx


    Doux, Foxy, & Rama are a few of my favorites. Revoul has great hair base options, too.
  3. I know it’s best mentioned several times already, but I also highly recommend the Lorelei tail! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lorelei-Bento-Mermaid-Tail-Fatpack/12908399
  4. Little late, but also wanted to add one more detail I feel is missing big time, at least for myself. I love the Lara body, but it has really fallen short for me since it’s one of few typical bodies that doesn’t offer materials support. It does have a glossy slider, but I need more. I’ve been eyeing a holographic shine, but there’s a warning it won’t respond/look the same as Belezza, for example. It pains me to not have the same effect for as beautiful body as Lara is.
  5. Love love love Warpaint, [Pout!] & [Pink Fuel].
  6. Trying to organize my inventory, but I’m distracting myself playing COD.
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