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  1. I see, thanks for guiding me in the right direction at least. From what I've gathered, I'll pretty much have to re-rig the avatar after changing the joint orientation then?
  2. None of the comet scripts seem to work with Maya 2016 at all. I tried running a few of them, and they don't seem to do anything (no error message or anything). In the video, Cathy seemed to be using a really old version of the program (Maya 8.0). I'm assuming this set of scripts is simply incompatible with modern versions of the software. As for the second video, the rig seemed to be already set up for animating.. Would it just be possible for me to manually orient all the joints myself, and if so, how?
  3. Thank you for linking this, it's probably the most functional thing I've used for doing this out of all my attempts. After testing this out, I've gotten it to partially work. Working with the default male avatar rig, I made a test animation: But in my viewer, it plays out like this instead: I thought that I might've been using the wrong orientation with the avatar, so I tried rotating it and making a new, simpler animation: But that just led to Firestorm being unable to even load the animation: Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong here, although I do know that my Maya settings are set to use Y-Up by default.
  4. Is there any way to use proper animation software to make BVH animations for SL? I'll be blunt about it, Qavimator is way too basic and limited for me; preferably, I'd love to be able to use something more flexible/multi-purpose, such as Maya (or less desirably, 3DS Max) to create and export animations in the BVH format for use in-world with avatars. All the threads I keep finding though either are full of dead links, or deleted posts. I'm currently using a combination of Maya 2016 and 3DS Max 2011 for all of my 3D work, so if there's any way I could use either of these to create my own animations from scratch, please inform me.. I'm absolutely desperate to find out. My apologies in advance if this has been answered before.
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