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  1. THIS... This was exactly the problem, it turns out. Thanks again to you (and everyone else) for being so helpful. I hope this thread serves to help others out in future, as I'm not worthy of (or comfortable with) all this attention! eek....
  2. @Skell Dagger Thanks for this thorough and detailed info - that is really useful - I have only just read through it all. In my case the eyebrows *were* halfway up to the hairline - at least with some of the skins I tried. I now think that is because I was using a shape (that had an eyebrow adapter part) that was not designed for use with the system body.
  3. Thanks, that is good to know about the icon.
  4. Thanks I will try that one. Brain slightly fried, I felt like throwing my laptop across the room yesterday But yes starting to get it. Sorry for being a newbie, we are SO annoying.
  5. I tried those exact ones! So are they for classic heads? (where does it say?) The shape was not deformed it's just that the skin was not mapped right. I just checked and think the problem might be that I am using a body shape that changes the head shape. I just noticed this now, I hope I haven't wasted everyone's time /me hides
  6. I went to their store and tried some demos. I have no idea what type they were. How can I tell a skin is for a system head or not? The little icon looked like a person and it had a 'wear' option. It was not an applier skin like clothing or tattoos. The shape itself was fine but it looked like the skin was basically not positioned properly on it. The eyes did not line up with my actual eyes and things like that. Probably the wrong type of skin I guess.
  7. OK I see your point but they are running a business and they could at least try to be helpful. Some sort of help sign or notecard would go a long way. e.g. "How to use our products for those of you who tediously haven't been here for 5 years." Generally finding SL a very steep learning curve and it feels like you're very much left to work it out for yourself. Apart from on this forum where most people are very helpful.
  8. Thanks. I wil try those. None of the stores seem to have anyone there to help which is a bit frustrating. Not newbie friendly...
  9. Hmm I tried their store but they all look corrupted and distorted on my head. Something is wrong. Probably my brain lol
  10. Thanks all, you are so friendly and helpful. I will go and check out the Glam Affair skins first.
  11. Thank you so much, that is super helpful. Yes the animated bento heads do look very good. I might still consider it.
  12. OK thanks - this answers my key question. Someone earlier told me (in a store) that I have to buy their head in order to use their skins. But they are like $5000! I have the Omega relay on my HUD so I guess I'm pretty much good to go right? Can you recommend a vendor of skin packages like the ones you describe? The ones I am adding seem to not be mapped to the standard SL head properly. Like the eyes are out of place etc.
  13. Hello lovely people, I have been using an avatar with an inbuilt head for some time and have just switched to using a Maitreya Lara body, which does not come with a head. And this has thrown me back into beginner territory.... I have been told that I just need a *skin* in order to choose a nice new face. So... I reset my body to a standard SL 'classic' female body and then added the Maitreya Lara body and alpha. So far so good... I have the nice new body and the standard SL head with its face poking out the top. I have one of the Maitreya *shapes* worn. I then went to stores 'LAQ' and 'Catwa'. Ignoring their (great) 3D mesh heads... When I try some of the *skins* on sale the new face gets applied but looks all distorted. But in some cases you get a *shape* with the skin and this fixes it. But this shape seems to override the whole body's shape as well as fixing the face. I am going round in circles not really understanding shapes, skins and heads! *cries* In short I have three questions: Do I need to buy a base Catwa or LAQ (or some other) *head* in order to apply their skins to it? Or should they work with the default avatar head underneath (i.e. without masking it off) What about shapes? Can I keep my own body shape and then use a 3rd party skin (for the face) or will I always have to use the shape that comes with the skin? Can you have a shape for just the head and a shape for the body or can you only wear one shape overall? If anyone can help me untangle this I will be very grateful! Thank you! Katy xx
  14. Yes I know - I think the person who made it is no longer active, I've been unable to get in touch. Anyway I managed to solve the problem (see my last comment) so I am OK for now – but I might end up changing to a different body because like you say it is not being kept up to date, and also finding mesh clothes and shoes that fit is difficult! It's just nice to be different
  15. I have fixed it! It looks like maybe the Nauha body was made for an older version of SL or for a different texturing system or something? And this was making the layers white by default. I dunno. Wearing the Nauha Tattoo Layer I went into edit it and in the Texture tab you can change the base colour to Transparent. Maybe this is obvious to some but I've never edited an object before. I was then able to use some appliers I had bought and they look fine. Phew! All I wanted was a little heart tattoo on my neck and I've spent hours struggling with this! But I was VICTORIOUS. Thanks @angeoco
  16. I have fixed it! It looks like maybe the Avatar was made for an old version of SL or for a different texturing system or something! Wearing the Nauha Tattoo Layer I went into edit it and in the Texture tab you can change the colour to Transparent. I was then able to use some appliers I had bought and they look fine. I still don't understand how to use the HUD 'appliers' boxes, but for now this is fine.
  17. @angeoco Me again! I tried this but am still stuck. If wear the tattoo layer it is completely white. I then use an Omega applier to for example put some leggings to my legs. They look great but it leaves the upper half of my body still white. Do you think this means I have to have something else on the top half of the same layer? Why would layers not be transparent to start with? Seems weird. Maybe I just have a bad AV model and need to change. Hmmmm...
  18. Can anyone give me any advice for getting appliers working with Nauha? I am really struggling after a few days here. The tattoo and clothing layers just look white. Here is what I am doing: I get a new copy of the Nauha tattoo layer and rez it to the ground I drag the Omega applier script into it and pick it up I wear it - my whole body looks WHITE! I put on some leggings. They have an Omega applier which I add to my HUD. I click the TATT button on the HUD. My legs look great! There are the leggings. BUT... my upper body is still completely white. I found this on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AC-Empresss-New-Clothes-clear-layers-Updated-for-Belleza-Maitreya-and-Omega/6291748 it clears anything from the various layers. It sort of works but it leaves a band around my neck white. I can't seem to get rid of that white. Why are the layers not transparent to start with? Why is there not a 'clear layer' button in the Nauha HUD? In fact there don't seem to be any controls for texturing in the Nauha HUD apart from those 8 white boxes - what do they do? Do I just give up with Nauha and get a Matreiya body like everyone else? So close yet so far from making this work. Hmmm.....
  19. @Rhonda Huntress + @Morgan Rosenstar Thanks so much for the advice I will look into land permissions. I'm guessing as a tenant (not an owner) that I don't have permissions to change them, but I will look.
  20. Cats though. Can't argue with that.
  21. I rent one of these 'skybox' things. Is that a total newb thing to be doing? Do I have privacy in one of those? Is is possible for other people to just turn up there? I guess they would need to know the exact coords to teleport to, am i right? It's in the sky. Maybe one for a different convo but seemed sorta related. Hmm. Do most people own their own place / land?
  22. How often do you do this event? I would like to check it out in future Z :) x
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