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  1. @Rhonda Huntress + @Morgan Rosenstar Thanks so much for the advice I will look into land permissions. I'm guessing as a tenant (not an owner) that I don't have permissions to change them, but I will look.
  2. I rent one of these 'skybox' things. Is that a total newb thing to be doing? Do I have privacy in one of those? Is is possible for other people to just turn up there? I guess they would need to know the exact coords to teleport to, am i right? It's in the sky. Maybe one for a different convo but seemed sorta related. Hmm. Do most people own their own place / land?
  3. I sometimes do house and minimal mixes with Traktor Pro 2 in RL. Very interested in hooking this up - thanks all for the links K x
  4. Is the maximum password length officially 16 characters? This forum topic is the only reference I can find about it. I thought I had a longer password from when i set up the account but my SL viewer is only letting me enter the first 16. I think what must have happened when i set up the account is that I copied the new password from my password manager software and pasted it into the password box, which limited it to 16. 16 characters is quite short by modern standards. There should be no reason to limit passwords to that length if SL are storing them securely. Most of my passwords f
  5. @angeoco @ChinRey Oh wow I had no Idea. I've only ever bought things in the MP so far (I'm only like 2 weeks old). I'll go and explore the IW stores then!
  6. Are they generally not available on the Marketplace website? Why would they not sell everything there too? This has had me very confused!
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