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  1. Club Escape is an amazing place to spend some of your free time. We have amazing DJs, host events, contests, theme nights, and more! We tolerate no drama, instakick for any harassment, and we welcome absolutely everyone. Come Escape with us! Join the group to be updated on events, theme nights, contests, and parties! We are also hiring if you are looking for employment. Send me an IM or notecard (emmarielee) if you are interested in applying as a host, DJ, or a manager!
  2. Hey everyone! I am looking to meet new people to hang out with! I know maybe 4 people. I am beginning to feel that all SL is about is spending time at home or alone. I do not really know the best places to go to meet people. When I do explore most places are empty. I would love some company! Some of my interests are exploring, riding horses, decorating, shopping, sometimes event hopping, and I went to a club once and that was fun! I am open to all kinds of new activities or simply just hanging out and going through our outfits together and taking pics. I get along with everyo
  3. Hey! My name is Emma and I am looking for some type of work to do. Preferably not dancing. I have never done any hosting before, but could learn. I have helped run events before, came up with theme ideas, decorated for them, coordinated different contests and such. I have also experience working with renting out parcels, have managed a sim neighborhood where I helped get renters in to the apartments and homes we had. I even helped run an art gallery. If you can think of anything you could use my help with I would greatly appreciate it! I want to work badly! Emmariel
  4. Hey all! I have posted this before, guess it was in the wrong section. Anyway, I am looking for a roommate or two! I think it would be really fun to meet new people this way. I do have decent parcel of land, currently have a house on the ground and platform in the sky for a farm. ^_^ Kinda cute I think! Anyway I pay $953/wk for 1369 prims. We can discuss options if you think you might be interested! Emmarielee
  5. Hey! I'm Emma. Compulsive shopper, always changing my appearance. Always getting into some sort of trouble, lol. Looking for a roommate to share my land with. The land size is 4080 1369 prims $952 per week. We could split the prims and cost down the middle or work something else out. I thought this would be a fun way to meet new people, make friends, and maybe create something cool out of the land I have. Let me know! I'd love to try this and see how it turns out! Emmarielee Resident
  6. Hi all! I recently upgraded my parcel to a bigger plot of land, nothing huge, but I have a decent amount of prims and its low cost. Since I won't use them all I thought it would be cool to get a roommate. It's a 4080 size plot 1369 prime And its $952 per week. Land is rated moderate. We could divide it down the middle cost and prim wise or arrange something else if you're interested. I have a lot of homes we could use or you can use your own. I thought it would be a nice way to meet new people and maybe create a really nice place together! Let me know if
  7. Hey, thanks for looking! I am Emma and I would love to find work! Previously I assisted with running a community that rented out homes and apartments in SL. I helped plan events for our neighborhood community, kept track of resident info, assisted with decorating their homes, negotiate prim usage, etc. I also worked at a BDSM club assisting with setting up events, coming up with theme ideas, and writing up the group notices. I have done some promoting but it was quite a while ago. Most of my time in SL is spent exploring, decorating, working on my avi, and shopping. I'm
  8. Thanks for the responses! I don't mind so much losing out on the money or anything. I just thought maybe someone would need a cheap place to stay. I always have paid at least 2 weeks in rather than weekly and sometimes I've even done monthly. Most of the time my remaining amount on the rent was able to be transferred to a different parcel, but this time I moved to Mainland. =) I agree though for lots of people it might be best to pay weekly though. Never know what can come up!
  9. Hey all! Forgive me if this isn't in the correct spot and feel free to let me know if it's not! I have a small parcel that I rent through a pretty popular company in SL and recently upgraded to premium, so I bought a parcel on mainland. I don't need the other parcel anymore but it still has almost 2 months left (like 1 month 3 weeks 4 days) and I don't want it to go to waste. I can't get a refund obviously so I figured I'd see if anyone wanted to take over. The weekly rate is 329L and monthly its 1316L Its 1008sqm and perfect for a small home. I was able to rez several differen
  10. Thank you for the responses. Sorry if I posted in the wrong area, I had no idea where to post it haha. I still had the forums pulled up, so I did get the notification. If this thread would help others then I probably should check back here more often. To be honest, I'm not sure that I'm looking for someone, but I do know that the lifestyle interests me. With that being said, I'm not sold on if its for me or not. I'm kind of a knowledge addict, so learning about other peoples personal experiences and what things mean to them as an individual interests me. I imagine it could help me determ
  11. Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read! So I've been in SL for about a month and a half and there are tons of things I've learned, but still so many things I don't know or am unclear on. I decided to try forums to get some of my questions answered, meet new people, and discover new places to go and things to see. It seems like the BDSM community here is quite large. I've never experimented in that lifestyle IRL and only very briefly in SL and honestly I didn't really learn enough to satisfy my curiosity about it. I know I could likely find this info doing simple searches o
  12. Looking for roommates! I've got a huge 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house facing water (adult sim) that needs more life added to it. I've got a nice sized parcel with 1335 prims to share. The rooms are large and can come fully furnished or you can furnish your own. If you want more privacy I can toss a skybox up. Breedables are allowed, but please keep it to no more than 5 and they must be on a sky platform so they don't cause lag. I currently have 350 or more prims available, but can add more if needed. Rent is reasonable and dependent on what you're looking for. Full access to
  13. Heya everyone, thanks for taking the time to read! So I thought renting out rooms in my house would be a good way to meet new people and make friends. I have 3 extra rooms and 1 bathroom that I don't use and since its just me living in my house I figured I hopefully could find roommates. I'm super easy going, I have been in SL for a couple of months so far. I only know a few people. I don't really go to clubs or anything like that very often. I think I've been to 3, lol. I'm kind of a homebody/shopping addict, so thats mostly where I spend my time. I'm trying to branch out and meet new
  14. Hello, are you looking for a place to display your art pieces so our SL community can enjoy and purchase your work? If so, we have the perfect place for you! We are an up and coming art gallery with a twist! You display your art in our gallery and we do the rest of the work. What you get by placing your art in our gallery is:-Support when you need it-Free advertising-Blog, social media, and forums promotionWe aim to get your work out there and to get as many sales for you as we can. Placing your art in our gallery doesn't cost you anything. You supply your art, we supply the space in our galle
  15. Contact me in world to set up a meeting! Thank you, Emma Tudor
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