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  1. This is pending sale, sent you a message, Tarina.
  2. Grandfathered region. $600 + $600 transfer.
  3. It always shows SL Time which happens to be Pacific time.
  4. Spent the last 5 hours organizing the inventory... for the 3rd time this year. Yes, I know, only 22k things. Still a pain in the butt. I can't imagine some of you with 100k+
  5. Will pay $300+$300 transfer fee. Any tier date is fine.
  6. 3000 Ls 525 prim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sporbus/64/197/53
  7. Yup, same for me. My gf disco'd and then I did a couple minutes later too. No login for us.
  8. To expand on what Lillith said, when you have your premium account that comes with 512m of land available you don't have to get a Linden Home. You can find and purchase a plot of land that is 512m either from someone in game or from the land auctions. Since you have your premium 512m land allotment you will not be charged extra monthly for a Land Use fee. As you can see from that page the more land you own the more monthly fees you have to pay. You can avoid premium membership and rent land from a private Sim but you will still have the weekly/monthly fees to pay the land owner. So all in all you will always have a fee to pay, whether it's for a premium account +/- Land fees or with a landlord. If you just want to get started with something small and test the waters to see where you want to go, I can set you up a small skybox for 50 Lindens a week.
  9. Yes. That is after your next tier payment is made. They charge you at the end of the cycle. So if your tier payment is tomorrow and you abandon it today you will still have to pay tomorrow but no more after that one. Make sure your land tier is no longer on what you were on. If there is still a little bit before your tier payment is due try putting it up for sale until the last day.
  10. 4000 Ls, Sloped hillside. Sits on Route 8 protected roadside. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triasm/225/211/27
  11. $5000 Ls Sloped hillside. Sits on Route 8 protected roadside. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triasm/225/211/27
  12. I know CasperVend had some issues last night. The owner might just need to reset the vendor.
  13. Down to just Wittgenstein left. I also have 4 other smaller parcels still available.
  14. I currently have 4 parcels of mainland for rent. All are 4096 m with 1404 prims. You will get full media/sound rights as well as some land rights. All my lands are pay for 4 weeks get one week free. Inc Cap Neild SW Neild SE Wittgenstein I also have other areas for rent. Some on water and close to water with great views. All available at our agency in Upadhyaya, Bristthorne Realty Management.
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