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  1. Its ok now I'm in, but I got the 'There is something wrong' message ?
  2. Ooopsie I've just been booted and can't get back online.
  3. I've managed to log in now. Not sure how long this is going to last though (fingers crossed)
  4. Its telling me that my computers clock is set incorrectly. ?
  5. I've just managed to log in again. Not sure how long this is going to last.
  6. Even if you can get it I'm finding it hard to do anything. Its really laggy, like walking through treacle.
  7. I can get in now, but keep getting disconnected
  8. I've managed to get online now but its extremely laggy.
  9. Is anybody having trouble logging in? I was online then I was disconnected, and after that I can't log in at all. Just keep getting the message 'Login Failed'
  10. I couldn't log in to my sim, but tried Cyclops then TP'd to my sim. Weird! Oh but I do remember the good old day when SL used to be down for a half a day (usually Wednesdays). Thought that was a thing of the past...but hey ho........I did however get a lot of housework done and now my home looks spick and span!
  11. I thought that at first, its been a long time since it totally went down.
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