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  1. Freelance Prostitute, Second life. We can talk about the prices and find a good price for you and what you want. Open to any roleplay scenes. Prices: 250L-10 Mins. 300L-30 Mins. 1,000- 1 Hour. Prostituta Freelance, Second Life. Podemos hablar y encontrar un buen precio para ti y lo que deseas. Abierta a cualquier escena de roleplay. Precios principales: 250L-10 Mins. 300L-30 Mins. 1,000- 1 Hora. If intrested send me a message. Si estas interesado mandame un mensaje. ~Krazyflo
  2. Hello!! so I want to make an AO but first I have to create the animations and I was thinking about using Motion Builder but I'm not completly sure if it's the best prgram to use, because I want the hand to move in the animation and I'm not sure if you can do that with Motion Builder, Any recomendations???
  3. Thank u!! It worked!! <3
  4. Hello!!! I bought this bikini from the market place and I can't use more than one mesh item, if I wear the bottom part the top dissapiers and the other way around, Any idea why??? EDIT: This is the Bikini I bought - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kialani-Beach-Bikini/6415023
  5. Ok, thank you so much!!! <3 Edit: thank you for the tutorials!!
  6. Ok, Thank u very much, and for scripting is there any special program??
  7. No, I already know how to Model and script the problem is I don't which programs work with the game, I'm sorry if I din't make that clear
  8. Hello! So i'm trying to create a prim baby but I don't know wich programs I should use to create them with, I already have blender and makehuman but I'm not completly sure if it will work with the game, I need to find a script too, so if anyone has experience with prim babies please help !
  9. Hola!!! estoy tratando de buscar trabajo!!! soy muy paciente y sobre todo amable trabajaría en lo que sea! ES URGENTE!!! GARCIAS!
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