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  1. The past 2 days after the new FS update SL was a mess for me. I had a date and time don't match error a million times, couldn't tp anywhere without crashing, inventory missing even after deciding to use the sl viewer.. i finally tried 1 of the fixes going from 64 bit to 32 bit update download and everything worked after that except when my groups were visible again (they were coming up as if i were in no groups at all) im not able to leave group notices for my store group (and i'm the only owner). Does anyone know if filing a ticket will help this issue or am i going to have to make a new o
  2. I think it has to do with the firestorm update because i too had all of those problems groups not loading at all..kept saying my date and time do not match....inventory missing..parcel details were stuck..and for most of today as well. My groups wouldnt load and it was showing as 42 groups free - 0 used. What a mess but what seemed to fix it doing a clean install and downloading the 32 bit instead of the 64 bit fs update. Im hoping a ticket will solve my store group issue it still says im the owner but i have no rights to send notices.. =/ but try the 32 bit update.. i havent had any proble
  3. little bones scope i think.. & was a gift
  4. Past few days if i check the dashboard before logging in people on my list are on.. but when i log in it shows noone is..1 other person i know is having the same problem but i havent seen anything posted so was just curious.. i cleared all caches and all...because that usually helps any issues i have lol but nothing
  5. I know how to add poses and animations to furniture that you rez on land and use but im having a hard time trying to make a wearable chair/throne. I've gotten so far as to get it to work but the pose is way too high for the chair.. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? tysm in advance ♥ edited in ...i understand hover as well.. but i mean like when you wear the item you get a sit menu..for example like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TGH-Dark-Chillout-Corner-2-wearable-version-transfer/9979522 i know it would help if i was good at explaining..lol..but when you wear it and ao off
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