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  1. Hi, Trying to log into my account the past 12 hours or so has been impossible. I either can't connect or, when I do, none of my communication devices work and my avatar won't render. I tried logging in with an alt, and it worked just fine - it could TP, send messages, and rendered. I'm using the latest version of firestorm on a high end PC with great internet speeds. The issue persisted across the account on two different computers on two different networks (home internet on laptop/desktop, cell phone hotspot to both as well) as well as Luminya on my cell phone. The problem was present before updating Firestorm and my laptop is still running the older version. I've tried logging out and choosing home or different bookmarks to spawn at with no luck. Reset both computers. Checked antivirus. Disabled antivirus. Waited several hours. No luck. Tried stripping my avatar of everything he was wearing. I was playing just fine last night, so I don't see what the problem is. Edit: I'm also sometimes getting an error telling me my computer's clock is wrong, but it's synced to the internet and matches my phone's time. I can no longer log in on either account now.
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