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  1. Right. Which is what I did, but you said "what you did isn't strictly backface culling". What did you mean? If blender says it's backface culling, and SL is culling the back face, and they both look the same when you enable the backface culling option in blender, how is it not backface culling?
  2. Could you explain the difference? The check box option for blender to render the mesh in the same manner as SL is even called "backface culling". I was afraid of this, but I guess you can't have everything. I would imagine that most people have the camera following pretty close by default anyways so I guess it's not that big of a deal. At least now when you zoom out you will be able to see whats going on. Not giving up, but I need to throw together more content to see how it will look. My idea is like a space-station setting:
  3. Ran into my next problem: While the backface culling of the mesh structure/corridor that I'm walking through allows me to see the path ahead clearly, the camera is still constrained by the mesh (ie. I can't keep it zoomed out, it wants to follow me inside very closely over my shoulder). I have tried using no physics (have to do that to be able to walk inside of a mesh anyways) and using invisible prims for collision, but I get the same result. Phantom mode doesn't constrain the camera, but also allows me to walk through the mesh itself. What I'd like is for the user to be able to walk through the mesh corridor, constrained by its walls, but with the camera zoomed out... otherwise the backface culling is totally moot. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. I actually figured it out... it was simple: reverse the normals. Gonna have fun with this one.
  5. My idea is to create a hallway or corridor/small room and use the backface culling of a mesh object... --say a cube that is turned inside out so that only the inside surfaces are visible. Example: This is a full cube, but the outer surfaces of the cube are not rendered, allowing the viewer to see whats inside. Another good example would be the Sims series where the walls are culled (or at least translucent) when they would otherwise block the avatar from the cameras point of view. My question: is this possible in SL? I'm learning blender and would like to know how to essentially turn my cube inside out to try this (on blender). I have searched and I cannot find anything that really explains this... it seems it would be something so simple but I'm not able to find anything. The goal here is to create a tight hallway that constrains movement of the avatar without obstructing their view. Thanks
  6. So I've got a nice sit animation in Poser. I upload to SL, no problem. The sit animation displays perfectly while previewing in "stand" mode, however, in "sitting" mode, my legs ignore the pose and do the default pose. I've changed priority to max, but I don't know why this would happen. When I upload the animation and use it while sitting (as it is supposed to be used) I get the same results. I encountered this with both Poser and qAvimator and I'm not sure what is going on. Anyone know? It -has- to be something simple...
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