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  1. Back in at my home and would like to personally invite everyone to stay away. Just kidding come over if you like.
  2. I was in a little while ago but inventory items would not rename and my friend couldn't change outfit so we both logged out and now it hangs up on loading in. Asset servers are on fire again it seems......
  3. HERE IS THE JIRA REPORT FILED ON THIS TOPIC LAST WEEK Last week my JIRA report of a major bug affecting many items in Second Life including my Elite Golf System and Battle Karts was 'accepted' by LL which means the problem was reproduced by them and is 'not expected behavior'. It has also been 'triaged' which means they have put it on their to-do list of things to fix. As for when well that's anyones guess. Go to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228939 and click 'more' then 'watch' for updates. The issue is not affected by size of the script, region performance or object ow
  4. Now that my attempt to implement VR into Second Life has flopped I will move on to my next mission, a smart phone Cigarette Lighter app. Think of the possibility, never needing to carry around a lighter. My fathers iphone burst into flames once so I know it must be possible.
  5. For those looking for VR functions, I found this: http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2019/09/27/firestorm-vr-6-2-4/ Not sure exactly what it is and I would be careful about trying anything.
  6. Though it dampens my optimism I thank you for your reply Tari. Especially the way in which you crafted it to avoid making me look like a noob. 😃 I suppose it will remain a wish and nothing more from what you say.
  7. If Second Life had enabled VR functions at the release of the Oculus, then SL would have gotten all of the fame that VR Chat currently has. Ask a teenager what Second Life is, you will get a blank stare. Ask them what VR Chat is and you will likely hear how great it is.
  8. There is a viewer someone is dabbling with currently, I will message you inworld.
  9. Perhaps they could fold one of the current SL VR developers from another 3rd party viewer into their ranks.
  10. If everybody gave up at the first sign of things not going right then everybody would log out of Second Life and never go back. 'Quitters' never seem to innovate much.
  11. Any addition of VR functionality would not impact the regular usage of firestorm at all. If folks don't like VR they don't need to enable it. It would be like one of the million options that the average user is unaware of, just in a more prominent tab under preferences lol.
  12. Hey, it worked for Lumiya smartphone app, and even they tried VR functionality though I never tried it.
  13. Yet you still play Second Life 😃 Nobody would expect SLVR to be perfect, SL itself is far from perfect but we all still love it. Even if VR could only be used in a skybox alone far far away, people would still love being able to use it. 'VR Chat' is extremely popular yet it is complete junk when compared to Second Life.
  14. You clicked this for one reason, you are interested in VR functionality for Second Life just like me. Linden Lab has already announced over a year ago that despite having the Oculus Rift parked on their homepage for many years, they would not be implementing VR functions into their viewer. This means it is up to 3rd party viewer developers to pick up the torch and make progress into the future, Firestorm. Before you say "it can't be done" I will point out that it HAS been done by not one but at least two 3rd party viewers already, but Control-Alt Studio is no longer updated and the othe
  15. With Linden Lab removing region owners access to functions like 'disable scripts in object', shutting off voice and other abilities at social areas such as safe hubs, refusal to live up to their promise of VR support for Second Life, and massive drop in region performance since "improving" the grid by moving servers to the cloud to save money, it would seem they have no interest in keeping Second Life alive.
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