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  1. No JIRA ticket is going to reverse this decision. I will just sit back and watch the acceleration of the mass exodus out of SL. Fewer and fewer people will play/join/stay because of these diminished rights and freedoms. The population of the grid has already massively dropped over the last few years and things like this will accelerate the inevitable demise. People pay A LOT of $$$ including myself for a region and then lose a major region performance management tool? This will not be a popular decision once sim owners realize what abilities have been ripped away from them. R.I.P.
  2. Valid point but it seems to me that clothing and attachment makers should learn from their past mistakes and stop relying on scripts to enforce their 'demos'. If they put in a little extra effort with demo textures on their products or added a demo prim that cannot be removed then this argument would be moot. If I learned that people were doing this it would be the very last time I ever used that method of demo enforcement.
  3. Here is an example: LL: "People are spamming a billion particles that stay for an hour!" EASY NON-SOLUTION: "Lets disable all particles forever" REAL SOLUTION: "Lets put limits on particle amount and lifespan" Since obviously many people are affected by the disappearance of particles forever, a workaround solution was devised and implemented. Far fewer people are affected by this removal of sim owner/manager abilities so the easy non-solution route was apparently taken.
  4. I own everything in my region, and it would not be permanent if (and I have posted this about a zillion times now) if they would enable 'run scripts' function on no mod objects. P.S. If you actually had read my original post you would see exactly what I use the function for.
  5. Temporarily suspending the script engine of a region is not even close to the same as the ability to uncheck the running box for the scripts of objects using the top scripts object finder. You are telling me if I am out of apples just eat a typewriter. Clearly only a few people responding in this thread actually understand the issue. Fairly sure Chaser was the only one.
  6. For those confused it's quite simple. The issue is not that scripts can be shut down. The issue is that there is no function to re-enable scripts in a no mod object. If LL would simply enable the function of "Run Scripts" for no mod objects, problem solved. I guess it is easier to destroy a function then to create a solution. Side note: We all understand that this applies to both the SL viewer and the FS viewer. I don't know why people keep nit picking minutia. To reiterate a previous post I put Firestorm in the title because most people use Firestorm.
  7. For those confused it's quite simple. The issue is not that scripts can be shut down. The issue is that there is no function to re-enable scripts in a no mod object. If LL would simply enable the function of "Run Scripts" for no mod objects, problem solved. I guess it is easier to destroy a function then to create a solution.
  8. Thank you Chaser Zaks. I hope you will pass along the real fix to LL which would be to enable the pie menu Scripts / Run Scripts function for no mod objects.
  9. So it's no secret that scripts are created and put into objects in order to function. A scripts entire reason for being is to run. There would be no point in creating a script to carry out a task, place it into an object, and leave it disabled. Therefore I see no problem or security concern with simply allowing the pie menu Scripts / Run Scripts ability to function for no mod objects. The "Run Scripts" ability does not reset scripts, it only checks the run box of scripts that have been disabled. This would solve the problem of no mod objects breaking when disabled by a region owner/moderator and it wouldn't require the removal of a very handy ability in the toolbox of region owners/managers.
  10. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/firestorm_change_log_6.2.4.57588 Removed “Disable Selected” and “Disable All” Buttons from Top Scripts World → Region Details (Region/Estate) → Debug → Top scripts Maxim ProductEngine - removed cos of https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-4143?
  11. That's an easy one to answer. I use firestorm like every other person in the grid. Wouldn't want people thinking this only affects the official Linden Lab viewer since only noobs use that.
  12. The "Run Scripts" option is not a region setting, it is a setting that every person can do in the pie menu to their own objects therefor your reason for supporting the removal of these region owner/manager rights is flawed.
  13. I am VERY UPSET that Linden Lab has taken away sim owners/managers ability to disable scripts in objects through the Region / Get Top Scripts window. Their reason is because no mod objects cannot have their scripts turned back on once deactivated in this way. The solution to this problem is NOT TO REMOVE THE RIGHTS OF REGION OWNERS/MANAGERS but to ENABLE THE ABILITY TO 'RUN SCRIPTS' IN NO MOD OBJECTS! Exceptions were made to the no modify permission to allow objects to be taken out of the inventory of objects (unboxing) and if the item taken out is no copy it is removed from the object inventory permanently with no way to put it back inside breaking the object, so why not make an exception for the 'run scripts' command????? I use the disable scripts ability frequently in my region to deactivate all scripts (after picking up no mod objects) and then turning them back on as needed. I call this nuking my region which needs to be done every so often since the region performance ends up in the toilet after time. Why is it that I can restart my region and the spare time goes from 7.0 or 8.0 to .001? Or from .001 to 4.0 or 5.0? This with no changes to objects in the region for weeks and only myself present. Is there some type of undisclosed 'load leveling' system that takes spare time from some regions and gives to others? Would this explain the random 5 point drop/raise in spare time after sim restarts? Who knows. All I know for sure is that there is something screwy going on with the spare time in my region and probably others as well and this 'UPDATE' that REMOVES SOME RIGHTS OF SIM OWNERS/MANAGERS destroys my ability to diagnose and cure my region performance.
  14. Linden Lab has killed SLVR. http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2016/07/second-life-ends-rift-support-ctrlaltstudio-steps-up/ Notice the unfounded perplexity that anyone would even assume SecondLife was and would be VR compatible. Well in response to your confusion I will say that after years of the Oculus Rift sitting on the main SecondLife webpage I really have no idea why I ever thought SecondLife was and would be VR capable. Silly me. Anyways its all irrelevent now. On the bright side at least someone at CtrlAltStudio cares about SecondLife still.
  15. I sure hope its soon since www.secondlife.com still has the Oculus sitting right there on their homepage. It's all well and good to hear words like "around the corner" and "soon" but as Oz linden said they still have one or two things to fix, and I think we all know how long it takes LL to fix a problem that doesn't affect currency. (a very long time if ever) I mean seriously, no copy objects that people spend good money on still disappear into limbo when people have rez failure due to lack of prims or no rez rights so I don't really find these reassurances comforting.
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