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  1. If you are a group moderator, your text will appear bold...but not to yourself, only to others.
  2. I am here reading this post because I had the same issue in Blender. My fix is , select object in Blender : CTRL A - Rotation.Scale- It worked
  3. Hi, I am looking for someone who can make for me 2 custom raw files, following my specifications. Thank you
  4. Hi. I am building a Hexagonal full sim structure (something as amphitheater ....will be a lot of concentric hexagons at different height). The "corner" part will be mesh , the rectangukar parts will be made in prims. Textures for prim and mesh will be done in blender for AO. Mesh 1 is rotated on Z at 180° - Mesh 3 is rotaded on Z at 240°. If you look at object 1 and 2 the textures are ok. Problem is with object 3 rotated Z at 240°. I can unwrap the material only in "Project from View (Bounds)" mode. (because it will be applied to a SL prim) I unwrapped object 1 at 180° in top view . I used a image mapped X1 - Y5. I copied object 1 and rotated it to Z 240° (and I made a "single" user). But material/texture does not match. There is a way to rotate the marble image? I know that it is possible in Blender Cycles but I am using Blender render. Thank you very much and advance :-)
  5. Ciao, spero che nel frattempo tu abbia risolto. Se hai ancora problemi prova a : 1) Pulire la cache SL 2) Aggiornare i Driver 3) Fai un hard reset del modem/reuter
  6. Ciao, di solito basta "girare" un po'. Svolazza qua e la controllando quando il bottone BUILD si illumina
  7. Ciao. tempo fa avevo fatto parecchi tutorial e li ho "bloggati" a http://gaiarossini.altervista.org/index.html Esiste anche un sito SL Italia a http://www.secondlifeitalia.com/
  8. TYSM Innula and everyone !! I will pass the infos to my scripter (which is a excellent scripter , just a little busy ). TYTYTY !!
  9. Thanks all, really !! More info and it will be a little tricky toexplain because I am not native english speaker. An object in world, named "WEB Replay", records payments from games players. Data are sent to a server not belonging to me. In this server I can change settings. One of this setting is the Slurl as you can see by pic n.1. It means that the slurl is not built by the object. I have pasted it from Map and it contains the %20. At certain intervals , the message shown in Pic.n2 (you will notice that the message is built with the slurl set in pic 1) is sent to my Hosting (Aruba). When my hosting detect that the receiver is online, it send a message to to a inworld object called "Speaker" . The speaker send a command to my (pikku)bot that finally send the message to the receiver. Sometimes the slurl is correct, sometimes no :-(
  10. I already use it with the %20. I am sorry I did a mistake in writing the original post . I already use http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GAIA%20GAMES/128/128/2 I do not why but when I pasted it here (from Map) it did not write the %20
  11. Hello , I am not a scripter . I have a small "technical problem and I am wondering if you can help me. The topic is SLURLS. The name of my sim is made of 2 words : GAIA GAMES. From Map the slurl is : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GAIA GAMES/130/128/1202. Please note: there is "%20" between the two words I have some scripted objects that send comunications to players reporting the slurl . The objects send a message to my external server . My external server send the message to my bot (Pikkubot) and the bot send the message to residents. Very often the slurl sent by these objects is truncated and it drives my players to a sim named "GAIA" not belonging to me. Can you explain me why it happens? There is a fix for it? Thank you very much in advance :-)
  12. Sadly Shrooms is not an approved skill game. We do hope that its creator , Aargle Zymurgy will apply to Linden Lab for this game ;-)
  13. No Devil , 4play , Spin2pot and the new Crazy Animals
  14. GAIA GAMES is looking for a Arabic speaking manager ( mother tongue). Requirements : SL age : 6 months Spoken language : arabic and English Knowledge of SL gaming Skype account The salary will be commensurate to the hours actually worked and the achieved results If you are interested to the job please send a notecard to "GAIAGABE SLSGO" or write us at gaiarossini@gmail.com
  15. I agree to what Lance wrote and to the solution proposed by Vexacion. I have opened a ticket me too about the same topic.
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