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  1. In SL humans! Hahah I play bloodlines silly me. Irl. I usually don't eat at the computer.
  2. I noticed that
  3. Thanks for the heads up lol
  4. Hey there, I am looking for a werewolf rp to join or wolf pack to call family. If anyone is looking for new members please message me.
  5. ok thanks!
  6. Why thank you! ^^
  7. I don't mean to be rude but what's the point of having it? I know you get a house and more groups added on to your account. But is it like IMVU where if you have AP you can see "Adult content?' I am just a little confused. I would like to know more about it before I take the plunge and get a monthly membership.
  8. Interesting
  9. you shouldn't but why would you want to be in so many groups??
  10. Hey everyone :). I am looking for bdsm destinations geared towards Femdoms. And those searching for a mate. Because I am. Please post your favorite spots for this. Thanks.
  11. No worries! I know I am still a newbie even though my account says other wise. Is there a way I can change my user name? or am I stuck with it? on IMVU you had to buy a name change token. I already looked on my account here but couldn't find a spot to change it. Maybe I am missing something?
  12. Wow, to be quite honest I didn't think this post would get so much feed back! And thanks for the replies but I already found out thanks to marigold, even though she was kind of rude for an adviser. Just because my account is so many years old doesn't mean that I would know everything there is to know about sl. While it is true that I signed up for my account along time ago I found that I didn't really like it so I went back to IMVU. Also I have a old laptop that crashes whenever I log on and shitty internet. So I stayed on IMVU. But I am running into a lot of young people on IMVU these days. So thought I would give SL another try. Excuse me for asking a simple question.
  13. Lol, no that's not what I mean. I know how to walk,fly,swim. I mean how do I get my avi to move when it's standing still? IMVU has something similar but I'm not sure what it's called on sl
  14. Hi my name is MissStorm. I am looking for something that is part time but could work into more hours. I would enjoy working at a bdsm club or being a hostess. I am very talented at photography as well so if anyone needs a photographer I'd love to work for you. Please message me in world if you are interested.
  15. How do I make my avitar move? What do I need to buy?