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  1. Yes it's normal. That's why people create alt accounts.
  2. I'd like to apply
  3. Ever since I started using my head set on SL voice chat *****s up. I can't hear what people are saying. And it's not all the time. it will do it at random which is really annoying. Can someone please help?
  4. I did not try a demo because my computer is slow
  5. I bought this > https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ChubbiPuppy-Badgirl/8925075 but I am confused as to why the head doesn't look the same when I put it on
  6. whenever I put a shape on my avi I get this sunkin in look on her face.. how do I get it to not do that? do I need to buy a head?
  7. In SL humans! Hahah I play bloodlines silly me. Irl. I usually don't eat at the computer.
  8. I noticed that
  9. Thanks for the heads up lol
  10. Hey there, I am looking for a werewolf rp to join or wolf pack to call family. If anyone is looking for new members please message me.
  11. ok thanks!
  12. Why thank you! ^^
  13. I don't mean to be rude but what's the point of having it? I know you get a house and more groups added on to your account. But is it like IMVU where if you have AP you can see "Adult content?' I am just a little confused. I would like to know more about it before I take the plunge and get a monthly membership.
  14. Interesting
  15. you shouldn't but why would you want to be in so many groups??