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  1. When I log into SL the first thing I do is go to all my properties and check them out.  Don't know why I do this , it's not like anyone can take anything (unless you are LL of course) , but I still have to go there and make sure all is well.  And I ALWAYS have to log out at one of my homes.

    I am also one that likes to shop by myself.  I do cam shop, but I also do like walking around and checking things out.  Either one will depend on where I am and how many people are there.  Sometimes I will wait till an event is almost over before going so that I can walk around and buy things that way.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Eirynne Sieyes said:

    They are going to have to literally throw me out of my beloved contemporary "old" house. With one HUGE room with high ceilings (plus a smaller room), I'm spoiled. The new stuff makes me feel claustrophobic.

    I do see what you mean.  I always had a quad home and I loved all the windows and how open it was.   There was always a simplicity to them that I liked.  It was a peaceful place to go to that made sense when you had to get away from the chaos of mainland or just people in general.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Echopraxia said:

    About to abandon my alt's camper in Lake Tatakaka. I'll release it at 3:30PM SLT. It's a really fantastic plot, I'm just not there enough to justify keeping it and I feel guilty for keeping it from someone who will get more enjoyment out of it than I do. Good luck.

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lake Tatakaka/234/140/35

    Bella camper_001.png

    I think it is nice that you are thinking of others, but you shouldn't feel guilty just because you are not using it a whole lot right at this time.  If you are premium you are entitled to a camper, TH or houseboat if you want one.    No where does it state you have to use it 24/7.  Heck you don't even have to use it at all.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Elyeah said:

    Dressing up appropriately in my Belli house before going to look around the Dickens Project. 

    Castlewellan Overlook.png

    hmmmmm did someone make it to the AF sale?  Some of those look familiar I bought them too!  I think I bought the whole store.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, RaeLeeH said:

    I know all this is nothing new but I am surprised and relieved in all honesty that the houseboats weren't closer. I remember when I first got my house in Well Springs getting an IM from someone telling me to "enjoy the view while I had it since there were going to be houseboats in front of me and that road that ends there (in Well Springs) was going to be continued (south) soon." (Not a direct quote but that was the general jist of it).

    People who IM this kind of crap to someone who just got a new house in a prime spot is #1 jealous and/or #2 an A-hole.  I would say they are both.  Nothing worse than people who try to crap all over someone else's good fortune.  No one other than the moles or a linden know exactly what is going where.

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  6. Well your houseboat is in a prime spot I think you would be nuts to get rid of it so I am glad you kept it!

    I am definately not in the spot i started out in, either with my houseboat or house.  My original locations were right in the middle of everyone else.  I have moved on to spots that have better views and not boxed in by others.  I will say that I always thought my house would have to be my favorite location and it has turned out that my camper location is actually the one that I just absolutely love!  And it just figures it is the one with less prims.  In a way I feel like I have come full circle as I always had a LH in Meadowbrook and they were only 175 prims when I left it and my favorite parcel is a camper with 175 prims.  Go figure.

    And I also can't believe how big Bellisseria has gotten.  I am always amazed at the progress they make and how each region and parcel looks unique.

    It will be interesting to see how many here post that they still have their original spot.

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  7. 7 hours ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

    These are the best designs yet.  I never felt at home in the other designs but I can easily imagine myself living in one of the houses here.

    I am beginning to think that this is my problem too with the traditional houses.  Not that they are not nice, they are, but they aren't quite my type of home which is why I think I am having problems settling down in one.   The Victorian houses are the kinds of houses I will buy.   It is nice to have some more choices.  And to think that there will be even more themes at some point!

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  8. 58 minutes ago, roseelvira said:

    So i guess there will be no other releases today .  I thought the area next to sandflea would have been released. I doubt they will release over the weekend 

    I have never seen them do a release on the weekend.  Hopefully they won't start now!  I wonder how many will abandon their TH's this weekend in anticipation of the Victorian release.

  9. Some just aren't interested in these types of homes or the traditional.   No biggie, there will be more themes coming out at some point, I hope something that catches your eye.  Houses are not for everyone.  Just like a HB or camper is not for everyone.

    Personally I love the look of these new homes better than the traditional ones.  They are more my style I can hardly wait to get one!  

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  10. 34 minutes ago, Armani223 said:

    A huge congratulations 👏👏 to the Lindens and Moles for yet another fabulous themed LL Homes release. I really love the houses and the landscaping is beautiful. Great job 👍

    They definately outdid themselves with this one.  I am truly impressed.    I can hardly wait to see what they have in mind for the next theme.  Most likely it will be  just as spectacular!

    Thanks to all the moles and LL for giving us this new theme!

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Elora Lunasea said:

    I don't mind giving up my camper in the least. It's my 2nd one. I'd hoped to settle into this one because the location is pretty ideal but like I've mentioned previously - I'm just not an outdoorsy sort of person. I have several premium alts so I have a house in Well Springs across from the beach with great views and lovely neighbors which I adore and another in Lost Bell up on a hill with killer views. Adore my houseboat, so that certainly stays. And I still have one more open slot to play with if something else interesting pops up. I'm really looking forward to these new ones. I walked through all of them earlier this evening and love the spacious room sizes!

    Funny how each of us are so different in what we want and like.  I would never have thought that a camper would be my favorite spot, but it has turned out to be so.  It is not even totally  private it is by the water, but what got me is I  am right beside the train tracks and there is train track lights there that just make it a picture perfect spot.  It is just the combination of water, train tracks, the train lights , sand and grass that I just love.  

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Cougar Sangria said:

    Released my camper and my traditional.  I am ready to grab one or two.

    yeah I am definately willing to release my traditional for a stab at these houses and I just got a waterfront property on Badger Beach the other day.   I have my houseboat and I lucked out the other day and got a perfect spot for a camper in Pugwash and those two I am not willing to give up as both those spots make my heart flutter so to speak.

    The traditional houses I have found lots of spots I like and are beautiful, but I think my issue is with the houses and my reason that I can't settle.  And I don't mean anything negative about the houses I think it is just me.  These new ones look more like my cup of tea.

    Looking forward to release day!

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  13. 7 hours ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    That's a reasonable take, but for some reason my brain just won't accept it!


    I do totally get it.  These new LH are so awesome and there is so many choices and variety.   And at least with houseboats they all are on water so you will always have water with those and easy access to sailing.   I am constantly surprised at each new region that gets made and how unique they all are.  I have 3 premium accounts which I never would have done with the older homes.  I am also excited for the new theme that is coming out soon and you can bet I will use one of them to try to get one.

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  14. I agree with @Marut72  you aren't doing anything wrong.

    I have been in SL for over 6 years now and I have been lucky that i have found one good friend.  She messaged me from the AK group cause we had just gotten the first new bento heads from AK that came out and we were both trying to figure out how to do the shapes, get our hair to fit etc.  I ended up TPing her to my platform and we have been friends ever since.    

    She has access to my land and actually uses it more than I do and I don't charge her a cent for it.  I just let her do her thing there as I have another parcel and also a LH in Bellisseria.  We don't see or talk all the time and sometimes we are both on, but we are just busy doing our own thing.  We don't have to connect 24/7. I am more of a loner and she is more social, but we both just seem to get each other. We have known each other for about 4 - 5 years now.

    I find that you find people when you least expect it.


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  15. 9 hours ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    The team knows that there is a demand for water views, for varied terrain, and all other things being equal  that inland regions which contain just houses tend to be less popular. Why create a continent where so many of the homes fit that format?

    Because at the end of the day these are really only suppose to be starter homes.  When a person feels that they really need water, want more varied terrain or don't want to be inland that is usually when you move on and get mainland so that you have more control and options.  Just my take on it.

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