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  1. 5 hours ago, MsAfrodite said:

    Oh wow no neighbors! Very nice.  I have a weird question. I see posts that remind me of catch and release fishing lol. Is that kinda a thing? People like to grab a property to see it, etc and then abandoned it?

    I love seeing what I get on the land page.  I have 2 homes right now a vic and HB and I have an alt without a home right now and I am trying to find a green traditional.   Every parcel is really a surprise.  Sometimes i will keep the parcel for a few months, maybe weeks or just a few days.  Depends if I am feeling it or not.   And at the end of the day I think I am just a nomad that just likes to wander.  It has really given me a chance to see all the different regions out there and I love trying all the different themes too whenever I want to.

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  2. 1 minute ago, EnchantrixKellie said:

    I abandoned a Victorian about an hour ago accidentally. So if anyone knows of a nice Victorian spot opening up, please let me know. I feel foolish. I was not focused on a conference call at home and was closing out of everything. Not sure at all WHY I hit abandon land or where my mind was. I rushed to the land page, but it was already gone. It was in Perpendicular with the double roads. *facepalm* Not my best day!

    I am so sorry this happened to you :( .   I think this has happened to many of us.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    Really great addon - I never sawe a house like that. Is it Wichester based?

    And a great colour too - looks like a mitish white - is it a shell or just the light effect?


    I believe this is on the marketplace.  Search Winchester and look for new.   

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Syo Emerald said:

    Now I can't wait for the stilt homes, because maybe that makes more people leave their houseboats. 😁

    From my observation today, I see that Log Homes and Traditionals come up fairly frequently and every now and then a Victorian and Camper. Houseboats never or gone in seconds.

    That is the best time to reroll for a new home.  Many people abandon seashore vics & trads and great locations for HB whenever they release a new theme.  And i think these stilt homes will be very popular.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Milk Pixelmaid said:

    It's not against TOS to have alts, or have empty homes. To be honest, your entire "call out" of this resident should be deleted. In fact, it is none of your business.

    There is no way for any of us to know who's alts belong to who unless you are privy to their actual account information.  Being in a group doesn't necessarily mean that all the people in the group are all alts of the same person.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, MsAfrodite said:

    Is that a new build?  Does anyone know what the homes on stilts are being called?  Now I would like to grab one of those. So I may have to get a Premium acct for my alt, Taja. 

    It is not the new build.  We are not sure when that new style of home is being released exactly.  Thatch Lea is Victorian homes.  They are still building them and releasing regions when they are ready.

  7. I went to check them out today.  I really, really, really...... just love them.  They are so open and airy and I love the fact there are so many decks.  It will save prims on that.  They kind of remind me of the open feeling I had when I had an old quad home. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    Oh, any time (zone) anyone throws one into the pool is always fine! I was just laughing at how I seem to always sleep through some of the best abandons. Amazing that it sat there that long! (I do have a beachy one I'm very happy with; I was just admiring  yours. :)  )

    Yeah I was shocked it sat there that long.  That is me too, I am either sleeping or working when some of these good water ones come up!  But i always try to tell myself if it's meant for me it will come to me.  This is what I like about GOH, gives you the chance to try different parcels and sometimes you really do get a parcel you always wanted.  And you can enjoy, admire and make  the parcel yours for as long as you want and then let someone else enjoy it.  

    I also think that deep down I just don't want to ever be finished you know?  I love trying out different places and I love the thrill of clicking on the land page and seeing where I end up.   Sometimes it is a parcel I will keep for awhile and sometimes it is a parcel I just want to admire for a few days or weeks. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    I having been playing for trads and that one is awesome, but sadly, I'm not dedicated enough to be playing GOH at 4:30 AM. lol  

    (I just had a look at the parcel claim time, and it may have been tossed back by whoever initially caught it. I was still asleep at that time though!)

    It actually sat that long in the queue before it got claimed.   I would go back and check periodically cause I had a moment of regret lol, but I feel fine with my decision today.   You never know when this one might come up again, it's gone thru quite a few people cause I use to stalk this parcel.   And even though I am not a fan of the sand, this parcel was probably one of the exceptions.  I'm sorry I couldn't pick a better time to do it.

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  10. 1 minute ago, iBrat said:

    Ugh. I so hoped I would not like the new style. I just settled in. This looks like I am so going to like it... All those windows, all that light...

    That is my thought too.  Of course I have to wait to actually see one, get one and decorate it, until I know for sure.  But I am super excited anyways!

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