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  1. Right. I don't know him personally but am a big fan of his work. It's worrisome, he seems to have dropped off the grid.
  2. YES! Gotta piggyback this one... Store owners. Venue owners. Scenic Sim owners. Anyone who has anything you advertise because you want me to visit it...PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LANDMARKS. If you have pick in your profile or a link in your Marketplace store to your in-world locale, or if you moved... can you please make sure they are correct? I've landed underwater or inside a wall or inside someone's private home too many times to count. Also, can said LM drop me BY THE DOOR so I don't have to wander around like thief trying to find a way in? I mean, I appreciate pretty landscaping and all but geez louise, do you want my money or not? Cuz if it's too hard to find your pretty dresses or fancy couches, I'm OUT. I'm happy to admire your landscaping AFTER I made my purchase. Related: If you closed your in-world location, can you save potential customers some time and put that in your profile?? *end rant
  3. It really is. I hope someone will pick it up and enjoy it as much as I have, instead of one of those price-hiking land barons.
  4. No it isn't sailable. The parcel is on the Sim's end, so there is unobstructed view of the water but you can't sail from it. I added a pic to the original post for reference.
  5. RARE find in quiet area. These parcels are adjacent on Sim's end. 3x protected water and road. Gorgeous unobstructed sunrise view. 704 m2 --- small piece LL carved out for me to extend the main parcel. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Camden/203/79/27 702 m2 is SOLD. 1024 m2 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Camden/203/68/26 (Not sailable). I've really enjoyed this parcel but it's time for me to tier down. Have a peek, 6000L OBO. Reasonable counter offers welcome!
  6. Oh where is that located? My alt is looking for a little kitty to adopt.
  7. Anyone know what's up with Van Auster of the POST store? His vendor at the store has a little borkage for a long time (rezzed building that won't de-rezz). I joined one of his groups awhile back to see when he last logged in and it's been over a year.
  8. Yah I do that mostly. I just don't stay on the TP point while doing it. 😉
  9. I understand lag which is why I always land flying so I can shoot up a bit which is usually possible even if it's laggy. Plus I'm not talking about crowded events, I mean just normal places with a few people that isn't swimming in lag.
  10. Interesting thread, hah. Honestly I only have two pet peeves at this point: People who TP into an event or store and just...stand there. Take a step or two why don't cha'? The day that script thing that moves people off of the TP area was created was a damn great day. IM's the second you log in. I appreciate my acquaintances but can I have a second to go to the virtual bathroom and check my virtual mail before getting pounced? Lordy.
  11. I have one alt, she's normally a cat but I have other animal avatar I use too; a couple of Tinies, a crow, a foal, a butterfly...etc. I use it when I want quiet, non-social time in SL. It's also very handy for exploring RP sims I'm interested in. I'm not inclined to dress in the theme just to look around, and it's more fun that wearing a full body alpha. Oh I also use her for the land allowance.
  12. Wowsers, that is crazy. Seems like a lot of us are really hungry for that old fashion feeling of community again. I know *I* am. Good on LL.
  13. Yah I saw that, been watching the threads. I thought that was info you could find outside of the forum. Looks like the new batch is already sold out?
  14. Thanks LittleMe, That's not from today tho, it's from April 18th. I thought she was referring to the fast sell-out from today.
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