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  1. A peek through the other window (not sure why I couldn't get this pic on the last post).
  2. A little update on my slice of camper life. Along with a few more knickknacks, I added some carpet and kitchen linoleum, which makes it feel warmer to me. I luv my little home. 😊
  3. Thanks. If they make these available in the future I'd definitely consider trying to get one.
  4. Wait a minute...Where are these cabins??!
  5. Welp, somewhere along the way my Shenandoah morphed into a She-Shed. Kinda. Still needs a few more plants and maybe another rug and I need some kind of coffee table and a few other small touches, but I'd say the worse is over. 26 prims left even with fluffy doggo out of his crate. Kitchen is the 'Ade' Kitchen by UnKindness. Comes in white also, modular and very easy to personalize.
  6. Definitely a texture issue. Hard to correct when something is all one piece; in this way I kind of miss prims. Mesh has taken my modify game way down. But nice to see peeps out there makin stuff for our little campers.
  7. I stumbled on to this totally by accident while searching for something else. This store has many add-ons for the traditional homes as well, and some outdoor add-ons for the trailers. Sorry if there was discussion already of this store; I missed it if so. For the Shenandoah: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MB-LH-Camping-Shenandoah-Partition-One/18051571 There's add-ons for some of the other trailer styles too. Mod/copy, they used the textures we already have for easy modding. They're under the heading, 'LH MB Camping'.
  8. I had the same issue yesterday. I finally found a trim in one of the boxes that 'kinda' matched and with a little color manipulation it worked but I'm pretty sure the actual trim I was looking for is missing from the texture boxes. I had a chat with another camp resident who said she had the same issue. I was going to ask the mole that made the version I choose (air-stream) but since he wasn't online I sent a very polite question about the textures to @Abnor Mole who never bothered to even acknowledge that I contacted him. I know they are busy but dang, complete silence. I can only suggest that you improvise like I did. *shrugs
  9. Picked it up today! Thanks RaeLee for all your very hard work with this wonderful little addition. Yay! (You know you could charge more for this - lols)
  10. This looks amazing. I"m using this style also; how did you manage the walls? Are they tortured prims?
  11. Great job! Was this just for a friend, or will you be doing a general release? I neeeeds it! lol
  12. Ooos this is just what I'd like to see folks creating and sharing since I choose the Airstream style myself. Be nice to have a tiny bathroom and a wall separating the bedroom area. I know space can be broken up with furniture but how I'd love to have teeny bathroom!
  13. I have to just say how happy I am to see so many other people jazzed up about the camper site. When Patch first announced the planning of it, there was SO much negativity about it on (SL related) Facebook that I got a little discouraged and wondered if I was the only one looking forward to it. Glad to see that's not the case. I've owned a lot of mainland over the years and this little piece will be my fav by far. It will be nice having a neighborhood where people care about how things look outside of their own little space and where there's no chance of ugly buildings or giant twirling things popping up.
  14. LOL yah I love Hive. Everything in there is so versatile!
  15. Yah I was pleasantly surprised to find how roomy they are when I went to see them at SLB16. I mean I've literally lived in much tinier builds. My avi is small (I like to think 'average' size) so the trailer feels just fine to me. With the right camera settings there's no problem camming around and no feeling of being too closed in. I'm jazzed about decorating!
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