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  1. Hello! I've made myself a decent sized portfolio over the years, with hundreds of outfits, hairstyles, etc. I am perfectly fine with sexual/nude sets, and I would love to work with anyone! Don't have a photography set but you need to model your clothes? I have my own studio w/ backdrops! Feel free to message me inworld @ DulcetMoiety My Flickr portfolio: https://www.flickr.com/photos/156060665@N07/ Thanks!
  2. I am looking for a pose stand that can move limbs. For some reason this is hard to find. Any links?
  3. I am an amateur photographer with some backdrops, but no poses. My girlfriend, joisnotrelatable, is the editor of any photos you would like taken. My rates start at 100L per photo. My portfolio for modeling and photography: https://www.flickr.com/people/156060665@N07/ Contact me inworld: Kat Rose (DulcetMoiety)
  4. Hello! I am looking for a high quality photographer that won't break the bank. I need 4 pictures- 2 head shots, 2 body shots. Model has mesh head, Maitreya body, and an overall high quality avatar. Please contact me for more info in world: DulcetMoiety Edit: It is preferred that you have your own studio. If not, we can make something work.
  5. Hi there! I am a model currently building up a portfolio and would love to model for you or your company. I have a full Maitreya mesh body and an extensive wardrobe. My girlfriend, joisnotrelatable, is also a model. She has a mesh lelutka head and a full Maitreya body and an equally extensive wardrobe. Like I said, WE ARE STILL BUILDING OUR PORTFOLIOS, which means we charge very little for sessions if we receive the photos. Contact me inworld: DulcetMoiety Or contact my girlfriend: Joisnotrelatable Note: We are available for nude, lingerie, underwear, and any other requested outfits. We have no limits in terms of clothing, or lack thereof. We, of course, do clothed photo shoots as well. We have some poses, but providing us with poses is preferred.
  6. Hello! My girlfriend and I are in search for a community sim or something similar to that. We are both models as well, with full Maitreya mesh bodies and quality skins. We do not require much pay, as we are simply looking to build a portfolio at this time. So, if you know of a community sim or a modeling position available, please let me know! SL name: DulcetMoiety
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