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  1. beautiful wild world..untouched by the hand of a resident
  2. these are bots....they are immortal
  3. need to do increase the scholarships depending on the activity...and the creators of interesting Sim to provide discounts on land
  4. I read the whole thread....is it a birthday or a Wake? 🤗
  5. it would be better doing the updates.....and celebrate can be only if there is progress. " A Feast in Time of Plague
  6. I saw a zombie-like bot in the marketplace.
  7. tricks are sleight of hand.....on video dexterity of scripts
  8. I think the LL programmers can create a SIM, and a larger capacity
  9. LL could negotiate with the stars of pop music..for live concerts..I think retro musicians aren't that expensive.))
  10. Computer games are constantly developing ....how do you imagine the future of this game?
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