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  1. beautiful wild world..untouched by the hand of a resident
  2. these are bots....they are immortal
  3. I am the operator of slot machines since 2016, I contain a group of lucky charmed groups When you get license approval, payment of 50% to 50 Terms of cooperation and all the details can be discussed in the IM 666mila666 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cleopatra/139/79/30
  4. need to do increase the scholarships depending on the activity...and the creators of interesting Sim to provide discounts on land
  5. I read the whole thread....is it a birthday or a Wake? 🤗
  6. it would be better doing the updates.....and celebrate can be only if there is progress. " A Feast in Time of Plague
  7. I saw a zombie-like bot in the marketplace.
  8. tricks are sleight of hand.....on video dexterity of scripts
  9. I think the LL programmers can create a SIM, and a larger capacity
  10. LL could negotiate with the stars of pop music..for live concerts..I think retro musicians aren't that expensive.))
  11. join-FREE vote-FREE 8th March international women's day http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cleopatra/133/71/22
  12. Computer games are constantly developing ....how do you imagine the future of this game?
  13. sold
  14. it's okay..I found a solution to the problem... cleared my cache ...
  15. в поиске по адалт зоне посмотрите
  16. yes ....I checked.... nobody bought it...the objects disappeared
  17. I resold gacha..... today, a lot of products disappeared from my list
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