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  1. Thank you Rolig Loon, I'll try those steps and search for classes in world as well. I tought clothes would be simple to make.
  2. Hi, sorry if it's in the wrong board. I've never created anything, and I'd like to try to make masculine clothes, specially for aesthetic and gianni. But how to do it? Is it better to do mesh or in applier? Do I create both in the same way? Is there a good tutorial to help me start?
  3. Sorry for such a vague question. I'm interested in learning how to build in Second Life. I've searched some tutorials, but there are too many and I really need something from the beggining to the advanced level. I'm not sure what to try first, so this make my decision even more difficult. I know how to program (java and php) so I already tried some scripting. But I'd like to know how to build some furniture to add scripts, and also I'd like to know how to make skin and mesh bodies. I know I'll need blender to make this, is it right? Anyone know a good tutorial with the basics so I can learn if it's really where I want to start? Learning Blender I'll be able to make avatars mesh, poses and animation, is it? What would you sugest to start first? Building, modeling, animating? What would be easier? And once more, sorry for so many questions.
  4. Você consegue entender se eu postar em portugues? Eu entendo ler em espanhol, mas não sei escrever nem uma palavra. Bom, vamos tentar. Mesh é assim mesmo, você precisa primeiro entender o básico para ir se acostumando. TMP, Maitreya, Freya, etc, são os modelos de corpos, você pode usar demos de cada um deles e ver qual você gosta mais. Assim que comprar o seu preferido, então vai aprender sobre as roupas. Alguns corpos são compativeis com Omega, outros tem seus próprios appliers. Precisa ver o tipo que comprou, e comprar sempre o applier compativel com ele. E outra coisa: nunca compre as roupas diretamente. Sempre compre um demo, teste, e aí sim, se ficar bom, você gasta os seus lindens com as roupas. Mesmo que seja do tipo do seu corpo, sempre experimente. Por exemplo, tenho um sapato que veio com appliers para todos os tipos. Meu corpo e Maitreya, mas o applier de Maitreya dele não serviu, o sapato fica quase no meu joelho. O applier dele que me serviu foi o do Slink, ficou direitinho. Conclusão: se ele tivesse apenas o applier do Maitreya, eu teria jogado dinheiro fora, pois não serviria para mim. Bem vindo ao mundo do mesh. No começo é dificil mesmo, mas rapidamente você se acostuma.
  5. I'm constantly changing, but as far as today I look like this. (And yeah, I know it's insane to use high heels on the beach...)
  6. Yeah, I agree. It's so difficult to shop for male clothes.
  7. It worked today. I guess it was some problem with the site or the card...
  8. Thank you for your offer. I can afford it. Actually I'm already living in there and mobiliating it. If I couldn't afford I'd just look for a cheaper place or pay it with RL money like I paid for my mesh body and head months ago. I'm just looking for roomates because it's a big platform for me to live lonely, and it's boring to be all by myself in there. And I think it's fair to share rent if more people are going to live in there and use the furniture for their services.
  9. So, I already have a store in this account, and now I want to create another one in my alt. Problem is: I'm trying to add my credit card on that, and it is not being acceptable and asks for another kind of payment. It's the same credit card I used in my main, it's valid and I typed correctly the numbers. Am I only allowed to use a credit card on one account? It's the only possible reason I can think of. If not, is someone else having problems on adding payment info today?
  10. I rented a platform and am having it prepared with many sex furniture since I'm an Escort. I want to share It with other 1 or 2 female escorts. Rent is 99 L$ for 60 prim, so share would be If 1 roomate I pay 59 you pay 40 If 2 roomates I pay 39, you pay 30 each. Contact me inworld to visit the place.
  11. That's the problem. I always used only the official, since I never cared about rlv. But now I'd like to try it, so I need a new viewer. I guess I'll download those recomended and see what I prefer. Thanks for everyone's answers.
  12. What do you recommend as the best viewer for Bento, mesh, builder and RLV?
  13. Hi. I've been searching google about how to become a DJ in Second Life, and the newest tutorial I found was of 2014. Is there any news, or can I follow this one? Also, it says to have a good mic to capture voice. Is it required to voice, or only stream the music does the job? (I'd like to do it in my male alt, and I'm a female).
  14. Thank you both for your help, I'll keep that in mind when buying buildings. I guess I'll have to wait some months more before thinking about building my sim. I have enough to build half sim with - not so much expensive - itens. But I'll not have enough for the rent. That's the reason of my question, if I could at least raise enough money to pay my rent, I'd start now. Well, I guess it'll take a little more effort.
  15. I hope so, Jessie. But I've been trying to delete since last week. I submited a ticket, let's see what they say.
  16. I tried on both. It delets any new interest I add, plus the old ones I already deleted. But these two just don't accept being deleted. I delete and they get back,
  17. I've been trying for over a week to delete my interests. Most of them were deleted normaly except for 2 of them. One of them (computer) I want to keep. The other I really need to remove that from my interests. I delete and it gets back, I write new interests, delete all of them correctly, and it's still there. Is there a solution for it or will I have to live with that?
  18. I mean, you buy or rent the land. What about the buildings, is it better to buy from the marketplace or have a builder to build one to you? Also, when you make those really big sims similar to a city, do you do it for yourself or you usually work in groups? Last, do you only spend your money or is there a way you can actually make profit from your sim (except for sex sims). For example, a family sim, a school sim, is it enough to have your money back or not? Sorry for so many questions, I never really tried to make anything in here and I'm just learning how things work.
  19. I used to be a submissive and now I want to start as a dominant (I really didn't find myself at the submissive role). If you want IM me and we can chat, or even try something if we have compatible timezones. It's like the others said, go to groups, auction houses, and eventually you'll find a good master.
  20. I'd love to meet you guys and I love to party!
  21. Thanks everybody, you helped a lot! I'll try some more demos before choosing everything I need.
  22. Thank you, I'll have a look at those skin appliers. As for the eyes, I already saw many, but I just can't tell if one is good or not. Or are they all the same quality?
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