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  1. Isis is Beleza (Beleza Isis, Beleza Freya and Beleza Venus). It's a great body as well, with lots of clothing options. You can also try Slink and Legacy, but if you want to buy a lot of clothes, Maitreya and Beleza are the best options.
  2. Maybe that's why I'm still single? lol If I have to choose, I choose Mr. Bunny!
  3. Single... Home alone... Playing with plushies... Bored as hell...
  4. Thank you all for your kind help. I'm now using a new template, added some more information (links to flickr, about me page and so on). Now I'll play a little with picture styles until I find what I really like (I don't know much about Photoshop, I'm taking some lessons and probably it'll get better in the future.
  5. Oh, no! By "pink world" I don't mean pink photos or pink background. My character is a baby girl, so I mean girly things, baby girl, barbie girl stuff. That's the meaning of pink in this subtitle
  6. I like this, but I'm not sure if it's good, or if people aprove this kind of image. I really don't know if I continue this way or not.
  7. Thank you both. I'll try some improvements, I'm really just testing things to see how to work. I have a Flickr account, I don't use a lot, but I plan on being more consistent from now on. Thanks for the advices!
  8. Thank you. I think I can't write that many words without mistakes (unless if I write in my 1st language, but SL is not popular here). But I'll try to male it longer.
  9. So, I went shopping and plan on starting to blog. Any advices are welcome.
  10. Hi. I just started a blog https://sashakyria.wordpress.com/ and any advice would be welcome. I'll post my first picture here to help if you don't want to visit the link. Thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you, Scylla! I wish more people would think like you!
  12. No, I'm totally different SL and RL. As I always say, I only roleplay here, so I want to run away from my real life while in world. I keep my avatar as thin as I am because I like it that way! But my avatar is beautiful, I would never create her as ugly as I am (enough bullying in RL). She is also much younger than me and has the personality I wish I had if I was not so shy RL.
  13. Me. I don't like voice. English is my second language and I have a hard time understanding spoken english. Other than that, I like to play with my female and my male alt (I'm female). I believe it's a game, I roleplay and I'm not really interested in the real person behind the avatar I'm talking to. But I do talk, if needed and if I'm able to understand the person.
  14. can I have an application, please?
  15. Thank you Rolig Loon, I'll try those steps and search for classes in world as well. I tought clothes would be simple to make.
  16. Hi, sorry if it's in the wrong board. I've never created anything, and I'd like to try to make masculine clothes, specially for aesthetic and gianni. But how to do it? Is it better to do mesh or in applier? Do I create both in the same way? Is there a good tutorial to help me start?
  17. Sorry for such a vague question. I'm interested in learning how to build in Second Life. I've searched some tutorials, but there are too many and I really need something from the beggining to the advanced level. I'm not sure what to try first, so this make my decision even more difficult. I know how to program (java and php) so I already tried some scripting. But I'd like to know how to build some furniture to add scripts, and also I'd like to know how to make skin and mesh bodies. I know I'll need blender to make this, is it right? Anyone know a good tutorial with the basics so I can lea
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