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  1. Me and my partner would gladly be friends with you, without cam or voice! We could introduce you to some interesting scenes
  2. I was at club retro and dancing to the 60’s-80’s rock. I got bored and started looking for a dance partner. Lo and behold, there’s a tall, blonde, Ragnar Lothnrok looking man! I ask him to dance, and he says yes. It was awkward at first, but we figured out the mechanics. It was a magical dance session, and we’re now friends. Is it sleazy to propose my wife to meet him for sexual play? 😅 I suspect he would want to hang around for more play after, it’s my first SL attraction after my wife. What would you do?
  3. Thanks for the input! That helps a lot!
  4. Me and my partner are really new to SL, I’ve managed to obtain a Maitreya mesh body and LOGO head, and somewhat figured out how they both work. I’m considering recommending the Maitreya for her too, but options are always fun. The thing is I’ve only seen new clothes and stuff mainly for Maitreya and a handfull of names like Isis etc. I’ve never seen these bodies for sale anywhere in the SL world. I think I saw Slink at the Lelutka store. Anybody wanna help a girl out with the where and the what?
  5. Hanging out at NCI, Kuula. Feeling cute!
  6. G.I.R.L. (Guy on real life) here! I play with my RL wife, we’re both SL females. We fool around to our hearts content, with each other and other people on SL. Why be so worried about what other people think, and just enjoy yourself! 😃 Be the best whatever you want to be, it is technically just a ”game”, no matter how many people say that it’s not. So in this case it would be ”don’t hate the game, hate the players”! 😂
  7. I just started a week ago, so it’s been endless avatar fiddling! I even got my RL SO to join me! We’ve befriended a wonderful femboy named Jess, who has been showing us the ropes and best shopping spots. We’ve recently gotten into visiting nude beaches and spending time with each other in many different, new settings! Our SL future looks bright!
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