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  1. Does it have the capability to voice chat? Thanks for any and all answers.
  2. The struggle is real. LL is probably making a new mainland sea to accommodate all the tears that have been cried over this.
  3. Ahhhh hello forum!! ♡ I'm so sorry if I'm about to ask an obvious noob question but I'm a bit stumped. Maybe I'm missing obvious things without knowing ^^. I'd appreciate anyone willing to lend a hand ~!! So my problem is, recently I've begun making mesh. I go to apply a texture to it and it doesn't like... Take? It will apply but very strangely or simply not at all. If it does its Stretched and blurred. I thought okay, it's my noob texturing skill. I messed up. So I put the project aside for a bit. But then I had bought a shirt off of the MP and it had a texture mod. I went to apply it and
  4. Awhhhhh this is such a nice pleasant post. It's so nice to see people saying nice things to others ♡ ♡ ♡ I hope your kind words are repaid by you having/had a wonderful day x ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
  5. Ohh yeah I totally should have said what type in the original post. I'm looking for anything not modern or sci fi really 。◕‿◕。 so no guns ♡ ♡
  6. I'm looking to find weapons that have the most realistic fighting animations . So, slower than the usual and more fluid. Anyone know the best ones for that? Thanks ~!!!! ♡ .。.:*☆
  7. I'm making an Asian folklore tinted, fantasy romance machinima, in episodes. I wanna have voices in it and not do subtitles, if I can find enough voice actors, that is. I looked and saw some people asking for voice actors from a while ago in this part of the forum. I'm not sure how many people actually are interested in doing voice acting?? I thought I'd just see if anyone was up for doing it!!! I need male and female voices with a playful air to them ~ ♡ We can talk more specifics of it if you're interested !!~ ♡ Hope that this is okay to put here and not in the wanted section~? T
  8. The singing HUD turned out not to work for what I wanted (´ . .̫ . `) ... But.. I did was made an improvisation sort of...took this (link below) which is triggered by typing,that I didn't wanna use but it worked out being advantageous because I could more accurately control their speaking times. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BlaBla-typing-mouth/922508 And used it with a free emote HUD like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SERENADE-HUD-SMILES/4901362 That one is not free but one like that, yeah. It actually worked out better to have them doing an expression while
  9. Hey Alundra〜 welcome to SL!! ♡ enjoy your stay♡
  10. I'm looking for a HUD that will make it look like someone is talking but not be activated by typing -just by turning it on? Suggestions ? Thanks ♪ Nvm found a singing HUD that will suffice :0/
  11. Man, yeah... I can see it being hard for you. The treatment you faced sucks so much. People are really ignorant. Just brush the dirt off your shoulders. ♡ I dunno if it exists but it seems like it would - a 'G' rated place/hangout just for real life teens. Maybe you've already looked into it but it could be a place to start with finding accepting people?
  12. Hey so I need a couples hip hop dance that interacts with each other, one a dance HUD obviously can't do. I have one from A&M mocap but I can't really find anymore.... Lawl... My internet search skills aren't that great to find more that way, though I've tried ;-;〜 I know the major dance places and I can't see anymore hip hop ones ( ´^` )... Maybe Im just not seeing them. I know of the Henmations one but I don't like it ... :^{ If anyone knows more, please tell me!! ♡ Xoxo
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