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  1. This reminds me of those tops with static mesh arms built in but you don’t know they’re static arms until you buy it. God I hate those.
  2. Sounds reasonable then, if it's either of those two things it wouldn't be a gacha.
  3. Technically you could not buy it and wait for someone else to who does want the displayed item, or have some kind of idle timer similar to a lucky chair.
  4. Chiming in that I have also been affected by this, and even went to an empty premium sandbox to make sure it wasn't lag, the sandbox worked fine, then when I went back later in the day it also had the problem suddenly. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I knew script execution used to be better than this
  5. I made a small script to add a fix marker to every frame in 2.79, can be pasted into the Python Console or run in the text editor. However you like to run custom scripts in blender. import bpy scene = bpy.data.scenes['Scene'] for i in range(1,1000): scene.timeline_markers.new('fix', frame=i) You can edit the range(1,1000) to be whatever number of frames you need. This fixed my issue. Appreciate the posts!
  6. I recently came across this very issue, which it's convenient how recent this thread is. Perhaps adding some kind of note about this on wiki/LlRequestSecureURL could be useful for future users who want secure URLs interacting with their own servers?
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