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  1. Never mind, Inara posted clear instrux on another blog.
  2. I didn't see anywhere else to post my ignorant questions, so here goes: I want to try creating an experience using a template. But when prompted to name it, I see no field in which to type a name. Could someone please tell me how to name?
  3. It would be nice to search organized directories of creators, too, to see whether we recognize any SL creators. I would suggest alphabetized directories for experiences and creators.
  4. Ever since a creep hanging out by a club landing spot took a pic up my short skirt and then GAVE it to me, I have worn some kind of undies.
  5. I cannot scroll through the experiences. Can anyone explain this to me?
  6. Now I'm REALLY confused. If I don't want my complexity popping up at some such intervals, what is the value?
  7. so if I change the value to 1, it will only show for one second? I could live with that.
  8. It would be nice if LL updated premium home choices ... the current ones are old and kinda crummy.
  9. Lately my Macafee has given me messages about danger inthe Marketplace website, and has blocked some of the site's content. Is MP safe or not?
  10. The new allowance supposedly was due to server improvements, but wouldn't it have been better to dedicate that to the general functioning of SL? Maybe it's just coincidence, but SL has been crazy awful since LL implemented this.
  11. Ebbe is the enemy of the people. Ending the use of last names created a class system. If Resident is your last name, then you're a newbie, with all the status that confers. \s :matte-motes-yawn:
  12. I checked out three sandboxes, and there are NO robots! What a joke on us Preemies!
  13. Two sailing sims, Whunlow and Stellar Drift, aren't functioning, could we please get a reboot?
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