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  1. South-East Texas. Boudain: http://zummo.com/food/boudain/ You can eat it with your hands but it gets messy. Food of the gods.
  2. I had the same problem. Turns out one of my neighbors a couple houses over leaves the TV on all the time. Just blocked it.
  3. I use the Firestorm viewer which has that option. My button noise is off and music is turned down a bit. Some places have obnoxious background music. I wont turn it off because of clubs and such.
  4. Don't bother trying SL on an imac. It's graphics are not up to the task and are NOT upgradable. I burned up my imac running Firestorm. The GFX card fried on it and it is not easily replaceable. Get a decent PC and upgrade the graphice card to something that will run it. (probably need to upgrade the power supply too fo rthe card)
  5. I had the same problem. Turned out to be my graphics driver. It had some hotkeys to flip and rotate the screen. Even though they were disabled, they still captured the keys. Had to change them and then disable again. Works great now.
  6. Well, not sure about the HUD part (although one has one) but: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SORTaMATIC-INVENTORY-STORAGE-SOLUTION/1632064 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=inventory
  7. There are HUD's which let you organize your Inventory... clothes, weapons whatever. This wouldn't work with Landmarks?
  8. My screen name (Walker) is from walking the extensive road system. I've walked three continents worth of roads so far. And if you get tired of driving there's an extensive railroad network too.
  9. Second Life doesn't have an "installer" per se. You open the .dmg and drag the app to your Applications folder. Then you unmount the .dmg and drag it to the Trash. Unmounting means ejecting. If you cant drag it to the Trash, you're probably running SL from the .dmg still. (which is not a good idea)
  10. Ok kind people, I got it. Note to self: HEY MORON! Turn bling off BEFORE you delete the scripts!. It does work. Thanks for the help folks.
  11. So there's no way to select this particle and remove it from the linked set? (not a builder here) Guess I'm going looking for a "scrubber" or a new watch. Thanks everyone.
  12. Tried that, in every variation I can think of.../bling off, /1 bling off etc. There is something in the script about that but I cant get it to work. Edit: and I hit the wrong reply button...again. These forums are weird.
  13. I got some men's watches at a freebie place. They look ok and fit ok but they have this "bling" thing I don't care for. They are fullperm so I went digging and deleted the script which did the bling. They still do it and I cant stop it. LIke little flashy lights. What did I miss? Is there something else to delete/change? Thanks.
  14. Most Macs which can only run 10.4 are PPC macs. Not Intel. Edit: and this reply is to the wrong person...this forum software is weird.
  15. Thank you for the links. Probably would have come across them eventually but this makes it easier.
  16. Like I said, I went with the Maxwell from here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aeros-Avatar-Maxwell/5922157 I found out editing the looks is considerably easier with this than the Brandon I was using. I also bought some tattoos which I may or may not use. Also, all the mesh clothes I have actually fit now! (well, most anyway) This avatar has a litle more hair than me but that's ok. I always did like the George Peppard look .
  17. Thanks everyone for the replys. Now for another round of link hopping. Edit: Thanks again everyone, I went with the Maxwell. Maybe I can get to look kinda like me.
  18. I just spent a fruitless hour inworld looking for a male avatar. All I've been able to find are young men with big pecs and chest hair. I'm looking for something a little older, say 40 to 60 (I'm 60). Something fairly sophisticated, balding, small gut, yada yada. Can anyone reccomend a shop inworld or MarketPlace where I can find something like this? Trying to modify what I have is horrible. Thanks
  19. Thank you. Looks like I'm gonna have to make a group after all.
  20. I have a "Linden House" . I don't use ban lines but do keep the door locked. Is there some setting I can change or set so that my wife's av can unlock the door? She's not a premium member. Already tried clicking on the floor and adding her to the 'Group'. Doesn't seem to have worked. She cant set my house as Home either because she doesn't own the land. That's not a problem, just inconvienent.
  21. I've been walking the Linden roads for quite a while (hence my name, Walker). I've very seldon seen user driven vehicles and a number of streetcars and other automatic cars. I've even recently come across two gonzos in a "police" car who tried to give me a hard time. There are usually rez zones (mostly at sim borders) where you can rez a vehicle. They have small signs that look like parking signs. I've never lost a vehicle crossing sims (unlike riding the railroads, lost a whole train). It's amazing the things you can see on the roads.
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