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  1. madelin423


    Still haven't figured out the problem. Looked at one of the tutorials that was given to me on another question. It had someone changing the shoes on a classic avatar and the feet were showing. The only thing that I did to my avatar was add another skin. It was theesode x kelly skins and shapers and style card. It might have been the way I applied it. There was a phat azz applier included, but I didn't touch it. Not even sure how to use it although I watched a video on it. I guess I will just start over with another classic avatar and after each time I change something, I will watch and see what happens with the feet.
  2. There is a merchant that I want to send an IM. I go to their page and there is a button for "message". Then, there is an "IM" button. When I click on it, it takes me inworld. But from there I do not know how to proceed. When I have searched for information, it takes me thru the steps but stops after you get inworld. They say on their homepage to send the IM to alegrasupport, but not sure how to go about it after you get inworld. Thanks
  3. madelin423


    This maybe the last time I bother anyone. I am really started to feel like this is a job and not fun. I took off my student boots and I have no feet. Wondered what would happen if I wanted to wear bathing suit! Went to the market place and found that you can buy feet, but they all say they are mesh feet. Went back in world and looked at my inventory and when I checked out appearance, it listed "alpha layer" and said it was not worn. Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Long time ago, I played around with Sims2 and at least their meshes had feet. Am I missing something? And I want to say thank you to someone who read my last post and sent me something that makes feet invisible. Or something like that. Haven't had a chance to check it out. I believe they were talking to me, but I thought it was coming from people talking around me. Sorry, I haven't got used to how everything works although I am trying. But having to buy feet is something else. It almost three thirty a.m. here and I have been trying to figure this out.
  4. Thanks for the help. I thought when you bought a complete avatar that it came with the whole avatar already done. (in other words, I didn't have to add all the stuff myself. Like take a classic avatar and then add everything.) I have a classic avatar now. I bought a simple outfit for it. I added the top with no problem. When I went to add the skirt, it only went around the waist. Then, I found the skirt listed again and it had primm after it. Never could get the skirt to load. So, I had to go with the shorts which worked perfect. Then, there was the shoes. Took off the school girl shoes and loaded the shoes that came with with the outfit. They didn't work. Half the foot was sticking out. So, my idea was if I get a complete avatar, I don't have this problem. Spending more time trying to get clothes right then exploring. I will think twice about buying a complete avatar and work more on trying to figure out how to get clothes to fit right. Thanks again.
  5. Really this is two questions. I have been looking at buying a complete avatar at the marketplace. On some of the items such as shape, skin, etc. It says some you can copy, some you can mod. What does this mean? Is this something I have to do? Is this something I have to worry about. One other thing. I have the avatar I am using now pretty much set the way I like it. If I do want to try out an avatar that I purchase, is there a way to save this avatar exactly the way it is. And I should say that thanks to the advice that I received here, I was able to get my avatar the way I wanted it.
  6. That was an very good article. Now, I think I my understand it. (I will know after I try it) All I have to do now is to find a "village dressing room" Thanks for all the help from everyone.
  7. How to I know which one is a classic avatar? And when I want to change skins or clothing, I use "add" and not "wear"". Thanks for the answers, it gives me something to read.
  8. Been a member less than twenty four hours, so bare with me please. I chose the avatar Sara when I joined. It was one of those first few that they show you. Went and bought a new skin. (almost 2000l) and some clothes. The skins don't show up when I try to wear it and neither do the clothes. Reading on the forum, I figured out that what I have is a new mesh avatar. I hope that is correct. And my new skin and the clothes are for the standard avatar. I hope that is correct. But from there everything gets hazy. Let's see if I have the next part right. I then switch avatars to a standard avatar. How do I tell what is a standard avatar? Okay, I get the standard avatar on the screen. Now I want to wear the new skin and I want to wear the new clothes I bought. Do I just right click on the skin and say wear? Or do I have to remove the skin and the clothes of the standar avatar first? Same question about switching the clothes? I was sent to some island to find answers, but I was lost after wandering around and could find any help. Thanks.
  9. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I was looking at an item in marketplace. It said if you have any questions, to contact merchant. I looked all around for how to do this. I finally found the name that was clickable and put "IM" in a box. This took me to sign in for second life. I signed it but that was it. Nothing happened. What am I missing? Thanks.
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