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  1. I had been using an older version of Second Life from 2009 on my older Mac (my only currently-working computer), but I uninstalled SL 4 days ago with the intention of re-installing it. I went back to the Second Life Wiki-page to re-download it, but the viewer that I had been using is no longer there. I know the 2009 viewer still would work, as I first downloaded it to this Mac in late November 2011 and it worked up until 4 days ago...when I uninstalled it. The Mac is a Mac OS X, version 10.4.11. If anyone knows the link to an older SL viewer which is not obsolete and will run on this Mac, I would really appreciate it if the link could be shared! Thank you!
  2. Yes, indeed it has. In RL, I have high-functioning Autism (Asperger's) which affects my ability to socialize well. While that does not stop me from getting out and meeting people in the real world, I am often felt alienated because of my inability to recognize facial expressions and tones of voice, which often causes me to misunderstand things or respond the wrong way. A speech problem of mine also does not help. In Second Life, however, people can communicate via writing. There are no expressions or tones of voice I have to try to understand; it is all emoted, which makes it much easier for me. ( /me smiles.) I also do not have to speak verbally, so it makes communication much faster and easier...for me at least. This has helped enable me to meet more people, build up genuine friendships, and have a blast roleplaying. Second Life helps provide me with a social life, albeit a virtual one, and I am enjoying it thoroughly...though, perhaps, a bit TOO much; I fear I might have become addicted to it now!
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