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  1. I have the folders copied onto a flash drive. So, on the new machine, I put the folders into the AppData folder?
  2. I have a brand new computer, I installed latest version of the Firestorm viewer. I want to import my current contacts list and chat logs, from the old machine to the new one. How do I go about doing this?
  3. I did and that fixed it thanks!
  4. I went to log onto SL at 8:00 am SLT, and my avatar is missing all my items I wear on it. I tried several saved outfits, with same result. Everything was fine, when I was on earlier today at 4 am SLT. Are they having issues with inventory items loading?
  5. Yep. Happened a few weeks ago too. Unacceptable.
  6. Saw that, Obviously someone goofed something up again, as this same thing happened a few weeks ago. Absolutely unacceptable
  7. Been waiting over 2 hours to get back in my home sim
  8. 1/25/22 main channel rolling restarts taking over 2 hours. Is this normal? Been waiting to get back in my home sim for 2 hours
  9. Seems to happen quite frequently. I do hope LL is looking into this
  10. Does it really take 2 hours to restart a region? Had to teleport out to avoid being logged out. This was close to 2 hours ago an my home region (cat in the act) has yet to be restarted as I type this
  11. While on the subject, on the SL viewer, is there a setting, for rezzing friends avatars only, like Firestorm has?
  12. I downloaded the Second Life viewer, on my other computer yesterday, really liked how it performed. But have an issue, when I press the down arrow key, instead of my avatar walking toward me, my avatar walks backward. What should I be checking? Thanks in advance
  13. Ok thank you. I pasted the file in, then re logged onto Singularity, The logs were still not showing.
  14. Not sure if anyone can answer this, but will try. I installed Singularity viewer, to use as a backup when Firestorm acts up. I copied the file, that has all my chat transcripts and such onto a flash drive. My question is, how or where do I move the file, to put it into Singularity?
  15. I copied that folder with my name on it, onto the flash drive. I am going with Singularity viewer as it just seems better for me. On that viewer, how do I put the file in the location it's supposed to be?
  16. Ahhh ok thank you, will do that!!
  17. Ok, Here's what I did: I opened the "C:\users\$Windows_Login_Name\AppData \Roaming\Firestorm_x64" folder, and copied the "logs" sub folder onto the flash drive, then pasted it into the same folder on the other machine.When I logged onto it, the chat logs were still empty. Did I miss a step, should I have copied that entire Roaming\Firestorm_X64 folder and pasted it onto the newer machine? Was looking in Firestorm, and it had beside chat logs and transcripts, there are 2 buttons, open, and set. Do those have anything to do with it?? I guess I thought that the chat transcripts were on the server, and would automatically show up on the other machine.
  18. I picked up a flash drive today, now all I need to do, is copy off the logs folder from the one PC, then paste it in the logs folder on the other PC?
  19. Wonder if it would be possible, to copy the chat log file from the computer I am currently using onto a flash drive, then paste it in the log folder on the other computer?
  20. I have my other computer set up finally (yay), and installed Firestorm, and Singularity viewers. When I go to chat with a friend, the chat logs are empty, yet on the other machine they are there. Is there a way to import the chat logs from one computer to the other? Second question: I have 105 mbps internet on the newer machine (hard wired ethernet). In Firestorm my asset cache is 5696 mbps, and texture cache is 5376 mbps. I have 0ver 475 GB free space on the HDD. What's a good cache size to use?
  21. Yes it was 140 degrees. Fan was running. I have since ditched that GT 730 and have something better. Thanks for the responses
  22. GPU-Z showed 140 degrees while I had Singularity running yesterday, GPU load was 40%, Memory usage was 190 MB. I had the Singularity bandwidth @ 5270 Kbps, and texture bandwidth was at 5350 kbps. Ping sim was 102 msec and packet loss was 0%. FPS was 60.4
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