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  1. This is what I was hoping the mole landscaping in those regions would be like. You did an absolutely fantastic job!
  2. We need a neighborhood of hobbit holes.
  3. Safe Waters Foundation is the best. There's also regular meetings there where they share all things mer including new hangouts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Union Passage/205/231/4
  4. Or, you know, they could have a real life that they're living and just not have found the time and inspiration to decorate yet. But yea, let's just assume they're hoarding because it fits the narrative better.
  5. This kinda became a dumpster fire of insults, which is not really surprising when it comes to SL. I guess maybe we should go back to positives. For the people waiting for houses, keep waiting. Your "promised land" will come up eventually, just might take a bit. For the people mad that others have multiple paid accounts, again as Eva said, the bright side is that they're keeping SL well funded so you can play it for another 17 years (hopefully). Full disclosure as to where I fall in this argument as well. I currently have 4 premium accounts, each has a plot in Belli. I also have a spot of mainland. All plots are decorated and used by their owner avatar (with the library being the exception, that's for the entire continent). Oh, and last thing. I work for the US Federal government, so your tax dollars are paying for my premium accounts and tier. If you're that upset about my multiple accounts, I suppose you could always just stop paying taxes if you want.
  6. Eva hit this one on the head a page back. This sounds way more like pettiness and envy on your part. I'm sorry you let a game get to you like this.
  7. Also, same. Not judging anyone for wanting something cool, just think it's silly that people get so damn upset about not getting it RIGHT NOW.
  8. 1) We're not talking a ridiculous amount of money or buying a RL mansion. Max it's what, $99 a year per account? That's like $2 a week, or if we even if we wanted to stay within the confines of SL, less than $300Ls. There are ALLLLLL sorts of opportunities for people to earn extra money out there, including online. If you're that into Bellisseria/SL as a hobby, you can do it. You don't have to be Paris Hilton or X Æ A-Xii Musk to afford multiple accounts. 2) I work between 44-84 hours a week. I have a special needs 5 year old and a husband, as well as community responsibilities. I *still* pay for SL and make time for SL things. Most of my SL friends have similar circumstances. Hell, some of the biggest content creators and event hosts in SL also have full time jobs and families. It's ridiculous to assume that because people have a life outside of SL that they don't make time for their life in SL. 3) I doubt more premium account holders are income-less than not. That makes no sense. I wondered if someone would go the wealth inequality route with their argument. It seems so ridiculous in this context. We're not talking healthcare or food or, as previously stated, actual shelter. It's just a damn game. YW4MS
  9. Serious question. What's the difference between blue top milk and green top milk? My current container of milk has a clear top, should I be concerned?
  10. Even then, nothing is stopping people from abandoning and trying again. I had to do this to get spots I loved when switching between house types. Took forever to get a traditional as nice as the houseboat spot I had, and in the meantime I was "homeless". And again, it's not as if you are literally living on the street if you don't have current possession of a Linden home. The only difference between having one and not is the ability to rez your own furniture somewhere.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what are we considering "mega home owners"? Three houses? Ten? What's the criteria? I understand the frustration, but at the same time, people are paying for the privilege of having more than one Belli house. They spent actual real time in the real world working to earn the money they spent on those pixels. So I mean we can be sad about not getting houses all we want, but at the same time we also have the opportunity to go earn the money to get a second (or third, fourth, etc) paid account. As far as "mega" owners and GoH players, in a way that's kinda the beauty of SL. We play however we want. If you want to be a land baron and own an entire region of traditionals, then you go for it. I don't personally see the attraction (since you can't rent them out), but for some people it's gotta be fun or they wouldn't be doing it. I feel like people tend to disassociate and forget that this is a game and not our real lives. It's not as if you're living out on the street for real.
  12. Yea, this is unfortunately what ruins houseboats for me. There is just some completely ridiculous stuff out there that ruins the neighborhood for all but the plot owner. Dunno if this quite qualifies as AR-able, but if you like the spot, definitely derender the hell out of that. Sorry you got stuck with obtuse neighbors.
  13. She wants something that makes her eat, and I'm assuming other needs too. GFS and G&S aren't really that. Lifestyle and BeYou aren't really great at it either and are expensive (IIRC one of them only lets you use their giant furniture sets too). LIFE had added in farming which was great, but it's dead now. So basically, I guess good luck with your search and/or combine something like G&S and something like the Lifestyle HUD until something better comes around.
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