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  1. Yea, this is unfortunately what ruins houseboats for me. There is just some completely ridiculous stuff out there that ruins the neighborhood for all but the plot owner. Dunno if this quite qualifies as AR-able, but if you like the spot, definitely derender the hell out of that. Sorry you got stuck with obtuse neighbors.
  2. She wants something that makes her eat, and I'm assuming other needs too. GFS and G&S aren't really that. Lifestyle and BeYou aren't really great at it either and are expensive (IIRC one of them only lets you use their giant furniture sets too). LIFE had added in farming which was great, but it's dead now. So basically, I guess good luck with your search and/or combine something like G&S and something like the Lifestyle HUD until something better comes around.
  3. This thread is a dumpster fire and I love it
  4. Sorta me. I took the texture from an Aleymart boring square rug, and put it on a Bazar mesh rug. I loved how it turned out, it looks so fuzzy! Aleymart's stuff is full perm, so I can pass you the texture, but you gotta find your own rug to place it on haha.
  5. What's the criteria here? Because me and my avvie look pretty close. I just chose to make her less fat than me haha.
  6. Not that this isn't several weeks old, but the whole "SL isn't RL go date in RL" thing is stupid. I was dating someone RL when I met my husband in SL. The guy was an emotionally abusive alcoholic, and made me feel like crap about my RL self. When I met my husband, none of my self image issues mattered, because we both looked like pixel blobs to each other (this was in 2006). So, we were able to start an emotional relationship before a physical one, and it was fantastic. We've now been married RL for 11.5 years, and have a mental bond that is unbreakable. So in a way, SL can actually be BETTER than trying to do real world dating. Get to know each other's emotional self before their physical. Just, y'know, take everything with a grain of salt until you've actually met.
  7. Thanks! I didn't like the curved wall much either, but I kinda hate the Barnacle and didn't think that I could do what I wanted with the Wallower. So that left me this or the Windlass, and everyone around me had a Windlass lol. I'm actually surprised more people haven't done something similar to what I have. People either leave it open or try to put stairs in (when ladder matches theme better).
  8. I have a friend who is also a demon half the time. He's been looking for family for a while. I'll toss him this thread when I see him next, I'm sure he'd love a brother.
  9. Lol I just spent like a half hour explaining to a friend about Mackinaw, Mackinac, and Fort Michilimackinac because she's going there for the first time (I live in AZ now haha). Also it took me forever to start pronouncing things less French and more Spanish when I moved here (ie Pinchot is not "pin-choe", and Estrella is "Ess-tray-eh").
  10. I was gonna include Ypsilanti, Bois Blanc, Charlevoix, and Sault St. Marie (as well as Mackinac), but those are not English names to begin with lol.
  11. I feel like I suck at pics, so the real house looks much better if anyone feels like coming over to Doran. Any deco suggestions are appreciated.
  12. Some people (myself included) even use 'a couple' in place of 'a few' or 'some'. Maybe something to do with being from the midwest and corrupting all levels of English. Cripes, my state has Saline (pronounced Sa-leen) or Milan (pronounced Mylan). We don't know how to words lol.
  13. Serious question. Why the hell did that person film a video on a laptop and post it? Why not just upload the video?
  14. Well then in that case, it goes back to "as long as they aren't turning a profit" Personally, I'd love to live next to a brothel, or meth lab, or any other type of dark RP. Life isn't all sunshine and roses, why should SL be?
  15. LOL I didn't know there had already been a meth lab, that's awesome. We became the real suburbs for a sec I just meant in an RP form (like at a lot of the 'family' RP sims) it wouldn't necessarily be against covenant. Keep the nudity and sex talk out of public, and make sure no one's actually making a profit, and it just becomes "here is a den of vice and sin to be hated" versus an actual den of vice and sin haha.
  16. I think that might depend, too. Is it a traditional SL escort service with poseballs (lol) and voice? Or is it just an RP vice type thing like a meth lab would be?
  17. The idea of policing your neighbors is kinda crappy to me. Maybe it's because I work with law enforcement in RL and get sick of the "my neighbor's grass is too long we need the cops" type calls, but it just seems so petty to essentially be taking out a ruler and measuring exactly how far over their parcel lines someone's tree branches are. Not necessarily seeing that type of thinking in this post, but it did come up in a group discussion a few days ago. As long as the deco is tastefully done, close to the theme of "suburbs", and not blocking egress or encroaching on a neighbor's plot, why is it our business to care? How about we work on building community instead of playing neighborhood tattle tale? Also, full bright is the stupidest thing ever invented and needs to die with clothing layers and default hair.
  18. Is there a way to recover forgotten alts when more than one is registered to an email address? I went to THIS page and put in the email(s) that would be associated, but it only sent me one avvie per email. I know for sure that there's 4 registered to one of the emails, so I am not sure if the second email has just the one or more than one that it's not showing me. Basically I just want to know if I made one 300 years ago and have forgotten about it.
  19. The "they do it too" (not even phrased that way) was mentioned because I'd assume the large areas with mostly scripted items would be reported/noticed before my quarter sim parcel with a fraction of the (same) scripted items. I lived on a fairly high trafficked water and road adjacent lot previously too, where now I live on a sim edge, so it seems less likely that it would be stumbled upon/reported. I also said I would take responsibility if they could show me it was my parcel specifically. I was given no frame of reference, yet the note mentioned an ongoing issue. I had been there just a few days and hadn't even had the objects all moved over in that time. Also worth noting, these brands of breedables and babies have a good history as far as scripting and lag as well. That's something that mattered to me when purchasing them. I realize that certain brands can cripple a sim, which is why I stayed away from those. But again, the larger point was that I was given no frame of reference and the communication style was odd. I'm not looking for a free pass if there is in fact a real issue. I'm just looking for more information, better communication, and proof that nothing shady is going on.
  20. I had already looked at transaction history, it was from a Linden. Also her text was blue in her communication with me (which repeated the notecard). It is mainland, and none of us got notecards about physics in the region, we were all pretty baffled. At least one neighbor also put in a ticket about the physics and they were turned back on pretty quickly after she did. I don't know if any other neighbors tried, but one ended up selling their land in the meantime.
  21. So I don't even know where to post this, but I need to put it somewhere so here it is. I recently had a very strange interaction with a Linden in-world. I have been in SL since May of 2006 and have never heard of a Linden sending a resident a notecard as communication, and yet I got one. It more or less said my items were too heavily scripted for use in that area. Seemed strange to me, as I had come from an area with more scripts and never had a complaint from anyone. The most heavily scripted items I have are maybe a dozen breedables and some Funsies kids. There are things like huge breedable farms and clubs and things that are super heavily scripted and have been around forever, so obviously not causing lag issues big enough for Lindens to get involved, so why suddenly is my little grouping an issue? At the same time, everything on that entire sim (not just my plot) seems to have gone phantom, even though it is all not marked that way in the items' properties. Super weird. I asked around to my other old school friends (everyone 10+ years old), and none of us had ever heard of the notecard communication thing. It's always been IM or email from any Linden. This specific Linden also had some things in their profile that seemed.....strange. So, because it all seemed very odd to me, I put in a help ticket regarding the situation. I also reported that Linden in case it was some kind of account hack on their end or (though I really doubted it) abuse of power from that Linden. I felt weird about it, but I figured worst case scenario whoever reviewed it would roll their eyes at me but still investigate. That was last night. Today I decided to check in on the support ticket, and the person I reported/got the notecard from is actually the person reviewing it. That seems REALLY strange to me, and kinda inappropriate. I absolutely get if I am in violation somewhere and I will take responsibility for it, but just this whole interaction (and especially the issue with the phantom sim) seems bizarre. I tried calling any line I could find for additional help, but I couldn't even get through on the billing line. I am posting here because I want to request independent evaluation of the situation. I couldn't get through any other way, and I don't know what else to do. Again, if this is solely due to the lag my objects are creating, I will absolutely work to fix that. But I want there to be some cut and dry evidence and real communication. And, yknow, I'd kinda like to be able to use my land sometime soon, and I am sure my neighbors would as well.
  22. $500, includes transfer fee and tier through June 6th. Please reply here or PM Warlen Greeves in game as I won't be able to log in frequently this week.--||-
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