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  1. These are sci-fi, but they are unscripted. You can get them from this Store
  2. the file might have some texture name with spaces in it. check your materials and see if you have anything assigned like that. Also, make sure that all the vertices in your mesh objects have uvs assigned. if even 1 vertex has no uvs then it will fail
  3. Has anyone have had any success with converting rigged mesh files for mesh bodies to maya files so they can be uploaded to second life? I know fbx and dae files can exported from blender and imported in maya, but usually rigged files get the wrong values such that can't be uploaded and work correctly. Does anyone have a method a program that can do the job? I ask because most mesh body files that I've gotten from designers are blender files, and I use maya.
  4. Usually that kind of error happens when you have groups on any of your mesh or bones. Check your outliner and make sure you dont have any group. By default, maya will group objects after they have been separated to preserve transfomations. Also, groups can appear on some joints after certain operations. In short, collada does not support groups so get rid of them
  5. I have a Fire Escape in my marketplace. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fire-Escape-Full-Perm/9559124 
  6. Is this script just to make the swing look like it is swinging? The swing moves, but my avi is not moving.
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