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  1. Ok I found a fix, thanks for the help what I need to do is export it as a .obj from blender, then import the obj from blender, then export it as obj, then import the obj to maya
  2. I'll give those suggestions a go, turns out it's just the Bikini Mesh that is breaking, it's fine when exporting from blender, this is Maya that is causing the file to corrupt. so I could give you guys the file if you'd like to see it for yourself.
  3. I tried your suggestions, but sadly no fix, it seems the error comes from exporting from Maya, when I export from Blender it works just fine - but when I export the mesh from Maya I tried deleting the Texture, reunwrapping, removing the modifiers, scaling it, restarting my PC, different viewers, but sadly the same error.
  4. Hey, I've been trying to import a Bikini into blender, I made the mesh in blender - then imported it into Maya to rig (it can only be rigged in maya) and this used to work fine, But now when I export the mesh from Maya, it'll always give me a .dea Parsing error, but when I export the non rigged from blender, it's fine. The name of the file has been the same as previour working projects, I double chakced the mesh and it's fine, seems to be an issue when exporting from Maya exlusivly. anyone know any fixes?
  5. Hey, I've been trying to import a dress I made into SL. But for some reason it won't give me the option to include skin weights. I tried importing previous clothes that did work before, and different rigs, but for the same result. so my guess it's something to do with the latest update? I've tried using the Default viewer too, same result. Any possible fix or can you not import rigged clothign anymore? **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://puu.sh/tpxke/9eafed7d7f.jpg" border="0" /> Note this seems to be with Maya rigged items
  6. Ah thanks, I understand now. First time uploading a phyics object with over 8 faces, Guess It's good I learned now than later. Thanks for the help!
  7. Update, It was the faces, when I had over 8 the phsyics would not upload with it. weird.
  8. Hey sorry for the delay, was busy with work. I managed to get it to work. by removing certain parts of the model, in this case the steps. Not sure why they broke the physics, as they where not modified or moved since the rough draft (Which worked). So I'll jus thave to upload the steps seperatly. Thanks for the help guys <3
  9. Thanks for the reply. It's a mesh object, a single object no linked parts, No etxtra objected made, just the moulding moved a few cenetmeters and the door frame thickness. The Physics model is a single model too, like the original mesh and I've tried multiple files of the physics, same result. And nothing appears in the exploded view, I tried uploading it and it seems there's no Prim option for the physics, so it doesn't seem to upload at all. Hope that helps. I can supply some screenshots later.
  10. Hey, I've been making a house in blender for SL, I uploaded a rough copy with physics, it worked perfectly. Then in blender I editited a bit, mostly adjusting so the moulding and walls where even, making it neater, but not affecting the size much. but when I tried to upload, the phyics just would not show up. I tried re-making the phsyics twice, setting the scale to 1, making the phsyics match the bounding box. But the same weird issue each time http://puu.sh/nOK0F/0274c1cdf4.jpg This is the bug, you should be able to see the physics. My guess it deforms either uber small or uber big. and I
  11. Hey there. For the past few days I've been getting this error http://puu.sh/lD9zz/205251310f.jpg This happens for all rigged meshes, even ones that I've uploaded in the past, I've tried fiddling with settings and using different viewers but the same error persists. Anyone know a fix? (I use Blender) thanks <3
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