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  1. @Quitess Alpha than you so much for your reply yes am aware of his secondlife:///app/agent/8645873d-1306-4f22-a60c-4f2bc3bb9ca2/pay thankyou, but it tries to enter firestorm to make payment. I am aware some terminals in second life can pay into a linden account from credit debit card to top up your account how are the achieving this on a website to give avatar funds please ? Presumably they are using a HTTPRequest( to get out to Internet which what gateway is used ? Hugs Thank you all for responding , Denise X
  2. Hi everyone I have been puzzling over this a bit is there way to put on a website a link that will pay my avatar i am ware ims' ad tps' can be done but not seen how a payment can or should work can anyone help as it would be great for a tip? Thank you and so nice for you to look Hugs Denise X
  3. Also @Aquila Kytor , when when i scan with Avastar it says rig is not complete mTorso has undefined parent mSpine2 . Avastar In World Support have told me that the hold rig needs to be rebuilt despite it importing into Second Life perfectly.
  4. how do i insert all bone positions into key frame. When I select all using 'A' it selects everything and when I press I i get another box that asks which groups after saying yes to all it inserts only mNeck not all the bones . Thanks for info about Auto IK mirroring I had not seen that.
  5. @Xander Lopez, It would be possible but you are going to have to keep testing the website. The easiest method is from the website to write a file in javscript that a small website page reads. You are going to be limited by the connection rate and any time that you use to re-read the data page .. In essense you need a java read/ right script in rl and your secondlife script will read this on a timer or sensor depending what your end solution is.
  6. no the only way I have found to add mesh to animesh to make it as one in blender . Don't know why the powers of be dont add a particle emitter-location and rotation in coords this would be so easy @OptimoMaximo if you cant do it post the code and let is fix it for you ?
  7. @Optimo Maximo this seems ridiculous we have a perfectly good armature that can take link in blender and add individual bone vector groups too that move with the armature why is this not mirrored in Second life ? If its so unfeasible how is it that it works in blender. You say there is no structure to let the server know where the joints are however blender is quite adept at this. It seems untrue then that these structures do not exist in some capacity to allow functional movement of a single linked . I understand that your skin data vector objects are moving real-time. But as these vectors of skin groups are moving why can a linked skin vector group not move in the same way as a non linked group. You would seem to already have that input and and force to act upon the vectors in this single link group upon them as you are doing this calculation on the single link vectors! You must also record then a group of vectors and a rotation and position deform per group .How is it un feasible that these vector skin data cannot be associated with the same vectors in another link? Surely in your Second life framework build: i) You need to ascertain what vectors are part of this object (You must have something to do this)? ii) Use a deform object class to deform these vectors ( Which you must have) ? Quite frankly my script moving seat and keeping sync with its movement is working now by script placement providing an overhead in itself, however a fire ball is simply even more overhead being caused by the system not providing a workable solution to act on this link with skin data movement . The answer for the fire emitter would seem very simple to vary the particle emitter position specifying a vector position to its new center . Why can this not be written into particle coding as a new rules to the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlParticleSystem to add a emitter position b way of PSYS_SRC_EMITER_POS and PSYS_SRC_EMITER_ROT on the object the script is in. This seems a very simple ask and ridiculous that its not already been implemented when changes have been already made to add new rules set ? Hugs Denise
  8. I still dont know why linden is nonwriting code anymore to add to the amimesh problem I had hoped they would integrate links to its model but it doesn't seem to want to do this for some reason. I ad hoped they would fix this no proper answer on my ticked please dont just post links night some of us are not joined in with Jira so cant see if this was an answer hugs. @OptimoMaximo, yes we are all aware of the particle emitter and the problems with placing it requiring a link. why can they not write an offset to emitter to place it were you want in the animesh. additionally why cant the base seat of theanimaton move with the animesh. Yes I can move this every time by scrip but it will place a ridiculous overhead on the browser I am hopeful they will one day DX
  9. I sent this thread as a support ticket #1737688 to Linden and am hopeful of some help Please add anything you feel relevant to this content above.
  10. Everyone , This is getting ridiculous the Animesh stuff is really a waste of time. after failures with linked items with armature vectors on them and them moving away from the bone position I created a seat on the single mesh running a walk animation in LSL to see if it was even possible to use a seat and animation where animation was stationary this is the result : https://i.gyazo.com/4c7644a55449496230a082e3b7efd16c.mp4 as you can see I am seated in position but the neck moves beneath as the center of the seat is the Centre of the object as you cant link objects in Animesh and have them operate as if connected to bone . We really need Linden to resolve this The obvious way for linden to solve this would to be to allow linked animesh children with support for armature placement . I really don't understand why they haven't done this @Quarrel Kukulcan Hugs Denise X
  11. Yes i have the character model doing what you said walking about under character mode . This is then randomly checked for air above and random time to try start flight . Jumping up in air and then flying. we are working on better animations at present with newer model from my team. It does all this with bells on but does need better animations and its getting there with the newer model its pretty cool . But is it enough no everyone wants to ride it it to fire and flame all things that should be possible . Yes you have the idea basically its a string of animations but tricks the system into thinking they are fluid in content as the eye is not fast enough to catch up and they are played . essentially it is on one spot not so much as its moving in air by keyframe or MoveTo But oddly the 'Animated Mesh' button moves it backward on the X axis leaving the children in front as you saw from my screen captures its most peculiar that LSL does this and not very joined-up. As this stuff was all available to developers pre Animesh can it still be used today with the 'Animated Mesh' uncrossed using KeyFrameMotion my own pursue and wander written in 2020 for keyframe in air .its currently reliant on character modeling to wander about on ground . I am really to hear some of your experiences was not good but some people can have big egos and hot air . But really we all need to get together and get something out of this that works if not try to make linden fix it would be nice. If we dont the next generation wont have the wonderful akk horses just ones that run around that they can pat lol
  12. Wow @OptimoMaximo that is amazing thank you for all your hard work and patience with us , oh it was only the first one then , i was not aware of that . It does explain the sequence of events for the two models and standard thereafter . Am pleased to be talking to the right person So why does the linked children in an animesh sequence do what they do which is so not helpful . My model is part character based and disables this character to key motion movement while in the air flying . Did the AKK Horses just use keyframe animation and lSLPP to move saddle and reigns back in position back in the day. I presume this is independent of animesh? Does anyone know how this was kept in step with animation? The path finding is not brilliant with character so am happy to ditch it in favor of Key frame motion if that will work? It seems i am going to have to rediscover this old route as this new technology animesh is just rubbish and for silliness and those selling it as developer kit are much mistaken that it can have any serious person as one object . I can't believe you have not discussed this in the past what did you manage to achieve please are Jira sitting with heads in sand or just sitting on their hands in the corner on the naughty chair?
  13. Hmm OptimoMaximo you make good points but have been informed in community forum that the Bento Armatures was all developed in Maya not in blender ( as a Maya Diva you should be aware of this :laughs) as such the variation for animations occurred requiring two models. in the appropriate axis one to work in LSL the other to work with the different orientation of the armature I understand the skin of the model is being manipulated by the armature but why then not the other linked balls children's skins? It makes no sense that these carry the armature but the ball skins do not stay in place all mesh in blender that move in blender with the armature they do not do this in LSL in browser idk why. How did the brilliant AKK horses managed to do this without Animesh I am unsure as they used to have saddles and other link trappings on their horses which all predate animesh this has I think gone and the resultant animesh has been left unworthy of the replacement to this technology it was replacing. It saddens me as these was great fun. I am aware that particles in LSL have to come from the center of an object it is why I am trying to get linked balls with armatures joints and vector assignments working in LSL Se above the balls are joined to the armature at certain positions . My test models proved this and work great but I want it in the animesh or otherwise i will have to dump it as unusable . and find out how AKK horses did it and use outdated scripting tools *sighs* I just dont see why anything you have said would prevent this working as if a ball or skin if you like is moving with the bone group then it should suffix to have a sit position on place and run a separate animation from that center . What is occurring is the parts of the mesh in links even with control rigging in them do not move with the animesh and are left at an offset from the stationary position . This doesn't make any sense as I can understand why they move here if not acted upon by the armature . But then when you move whole modal the children links move at equidistant to the model as was initiated by the movement start position of the animesh. i hope you understand how silly this is that it does not follow what blender does and makes the animesh hopeless and only usefully working in a childless link model. What is happening is the links balls and skin are left in the position they was in in the stationary model if Jira has an issue with this which has been undisclosed why are they doing their usual thing sticking there head in the sand? Hugs D
  14. Quistessa there is a great skillset of people using Blender to produce fabulous works that can produce wonderful video imagery . You say LSL is limited but is that not the whole problem a dream is only a dream if its in finite . Do you think I would have got this this far without some wonderful peoples help in blender on this forum . OptimoMaximo this is ridiculous complication of the problem . Why do you have animation priority numbers if its not to do just separate animation priority . If the linked seat and fire balls have the same armature and work in blender why being rigged to they not follow the animesh armature in LSL? this is absurd. Does this mean if I made a coat as a link that would not work either on the model ? Quite frankly the only problem i have seen in blender is the pose which is surmountable by having two models one to animate and upload animations to LSL and other one to upload from blender to LSL which is the correct x orientation. I understand this is caused by a problem with the armatures being built in Maya with the wrong orientation This problem with alignment and the origins disappears with two models . I would have expected LSL to strive to do the best, do you not think that is what i am trying to do with it? I have spent several months with a great team that had made a new model and is great in blender doing everything it should . why would i now want to import a rider as a link and animate that this makes no sense at all to me as there are already super animations in world with some amazing animators who should also deserve a mention . You seem to be then offering a limited option not one that is expansive and set LSL on a route that is one of awe and possibilities. If your suggesting these animations need to be done in blender why cant full perm ones be exported to bvh then if you need to take an animation in to blender and animate the rider with the model?
  15. Quistessa this is awful what is LSL thinking you cant have linked items in animesh what on earth is the point of it then! as its seems if a horse cant have a saddle or a dragon cannot have fire or a saddle This is supposed to be a virtual world creation platform am very frustrated and feels like a waste of time to build in it seems to me like this has not been thought out at all! Is very fed up now blender has exceeded my expectations now its far superior to SecondLife they really need to catch up I have done basic builds but to be honest I am shocked by this and you dont seem surprised at all! Ok i rephrase that I can sit on it but the fire emitter is not possible and the sit animation dont work Its seems Blender is far more advanced than LSL https://i.gyazo.com/900bf9600ddbdc0baeccda2ac4773da4.mp4 D
  16. Ok I removed my ball links and the animesh seemed to work correct with animation so it seems you cant link items to animesh to seats or fire emitters pretty useless really go figure? Even if it has same armature how silly is this ?
  17. What is this llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast? . i guess am using it it works in static model . I am thinking its the links that dont work when you import that carry the animesh vector parts its very strange that the balls remain as in static model . What is it doing wrong please. Quintessa i gave up with Jira ages ago and ditched my account what does the Jira say or is written please. I dont think it follow it has armature bone vector settings in it so why does it not stay with bone. Please explain what you mean as am learnier L plates Seat. As you can see the balls are in blender with model and the weight painting has been done. It doesn't matter if i am seated or not if i turn on animated mesh they dont remain in correct position. However they do in blender animation . They are exactly correct! Its only LSL which seems to get this wrong any ideas please as we are struggling to know if its script related or mesh related.? Fire ball. Same is true of the fire ball It was all imported from Blender in one go Lucia The animation for seat only in the seat .The seat animations are all full perm from a friend. thanks for lookin D
  18. oh its not going to be great a simple mesh cone will do it with and extra vector im me in world i will send you one loo look at
  19. Best way i think would be to rez tiny objects with particles in textures around them preferable so as not to get them out of control or link to a group like the butterflies use and spin that with LlSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast and llSetPrimitiveParams I did this with butterflies you could rez and move with llSetKeyframeMotion the whole group bear in mind rez limits when rezing objects is not far so its better to rez and move . if they are individual you cam have an emitter in each but make sure the have a kill script to delete them after a period of time . Thee is some good spell scripts on MP which might get you nearer .
  20. There has been a lot of changes i thing with rezing and moving objects with animation you can notice a lot of tie slice errors as the item is moving faster than the system allows . I have noticed this particularly with llKeyFrameMotion . If your using this then you will need to increase the time you allocate for the action . I am wondering if things on cloud have been sped up Something like time = (float)llVecDist(l_pos,(l_dest))/(3.25/2); if(time < 0.2) time = .2;
  21. Bob this is interesting concept but if you can script the agent bot why can you not script yourself . I am not saying this can be done as I have not seen it persay Hugs D
  22. Sorry to hijack this is great everyone . but had a tv problem that I wanted to rez up to full screen although i could add a script to the tv it was not much use to sit on it and perms wont let me do anything with camera i presuming this is the only way to link furniture as a seat but its not really a solution can anyone suggest another way that you can stand and gain camera perms?
  23. Hi all I have something to stump you all. I have a seat working in my static model that allows me to pose sits on a ball that is part of the armature of the model and moves with the model. I thought that as I was linked and placed as offset from this when the model moved in animesh i would move relative to the ball that is controlled my animesh . This doesn't happen instead I am placed at the location the seat was at before animesh is switched on . in my seat ball I have groups mNeck, mCollarLeft, mCollarRight and mChest asisgned to link and vectors. Here with stationary seat Here with Animated Mesh turned on This is were seat ends up presumably showing armature is not working ? I presume I am missing some scripting that repositions my seat when movement occurs or the armature is not working on the seat which is linked in blender to bones vertex in spine. Is this linked thing a problem in animesh ? What do I need to achieve this not the resit but the detection we have moved by animesh and how this works in principle. is there a trigger to check movement and to do this or an event ? The fire ball also does the same thing as a separate link in blender with bone vector groups assigned mHead. Why dont these item move with mesh model as they appear to be offset to original position of stationary object when the animation is switched on how do we get round this please is it a scripting issue or a mesh issue with armature? kisses Denise
  24. Easiest way with mesh beam is to place a vertex node exactly at a point from the beam end equidistant to the beam in this way the beam willeo have full size and you can rotate it wil usual methods very easily without lag
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