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  1. if you like cats.... i know a sim called lazy cats.
  2. no reason to lie gunmaker only makes it seem like you did something wrong !!!
  3. Gunmaker **bleep**ed up second life !!!!
  4. yes there is a game in kowloon where you hunt those strange looken spirits in pinkish smoke ^^
  5. Add me inworld or just check my profile picks. ^^ I luv kowloon ♡
  6. KOWLOON, kowloon (146, 11, 24) - General Electrobit City - 8-Bit and Retro Pixel Utopia, Electrobit City (128, 96, 1730) - General Midori SIM, Midori (226, 219, 24) - Moderate Kokoro Sanctuary, Taylor (213, 160, 2241) - Moderate *** AnimE UniversE A.U.C.S. ROLEPLAY SIM and Shopping Area***, White Moon (127, 171, 2200) - Moderate Takeuti Town 1cyome, Takeuti (166, 55, 1802) - Moderate The Leviathan Skeleton, Ahab's Haunt (116, 142, 22) - Moderate Realm of Hylia - Hyrule and Lorule, Wensley (130, 97, 1287) - Moderate [Bleach Rebirth] A Bleach Roleplay, Perfection (140, 68, 2001) - Moderate Bare Rose Outfit for Lolas Tango / WowMeh / Phat Azz, Black Cat (225, 48, 784) - Moderate feel free to post yours or talk about any of the ones i listed above and if you got a sim your seeking to find just ask me :3
  7. no one told me i had to do anything so i figured asken was enough so ill do it agin that should be doin somthen hey when yall log back on how about given me some L ^^
  8. ima smoke a joint better be fixed when im done >< sl wasten my high
  9. hey when we all log on how about given me some L ^^
  10. at least the forums are worken so we can all **bleep** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. lol mp will crash agin and i suspect more L transactions to fail tommarow
  12. yay i got a meeps, a fine day to start a topic. i hope for more meeps bring me the meeps!!!!
  13. if not im here on the forums now too lol ^^ and i plan on leaking out as much here as i do in world :P so hihi new ppl :O
  14. U.u i wanted to log on dam, i dont even have a firewall so it must be the maintnance at work at least im not losen non copy items and L trades atm Muhahahahahahah! its not funny sry ) WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight
  15. http://s273.photobucket.com/user/Hash_Howl/library/
  16. :< I fail allot on forums lately, spending to much of my time on the actual MUD
  17. http://s273.photobucket.com/user/Hash_Howl/library/
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