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  1. Hi readers My SL partner has decided she wants to be my sub. We both know a little about it but not how to set up. She wants a collar but there are so many for different lifestyles that it's so confusing. Anyone have any advice please?
  2. Maitreya badly needs to update the body alpha. Some pieces are just too big, for instance, the huge section at the back which is in the position of a bra or a crop top but is way too big for that garment and if you need to alpha that bit, you can see the gap way above the bra or crop top because of the size of that section. Also in the front where you may need to alpha the sides of your boobs, it goes way up to the armpit and a little to the front and can be seen from every angle. So you have to leave your boobs showing through your top. It may be a pain to have too many tiny sections but it would look much better if you could alpha these areas and not have it show on other areas...if you see what I mean.
  3. I cant get my boobs to look right at all. I wear Maitreya and cant get a decent rounding at the top lol. I don't want giant spheres just a nice shape not flat at the top. Sigh....
  4. I get so annoyed when a private property is set in an otherwise public place and there is no notice. You cant always tell that you've wandered onto someone's home by mistake. In addition, I hate those security orbs that teleport you home! Just outside the border of your property is quite enough thank you. Hmm this isn't where I meant to post this. Hope I haven't infringed any rules.
  5. Thanks so much for your replies. Some things for me to think about. May both your lives be kind to you all x
  6. I’ve recently taken up SL sailing. On the whole I’m having fun but....I don’t get this idea that if you stand up on your boat it disappears back into your inventory. I understand that we don’t want loads of boats left behind by irresponsible people and a return may be necessary. However, having bought a nice swanky boat, I find I have to jump from seat to seat via the menu or the boat is gone. I want to walk about and enjoy it and see the interior. I would have thought that as long as your avi is on the boat that should be enough to keep it there. Why must it be seated? I’m guessing that SL powers can only follow seated avies? Then of course if I want to explore an island I can’t without losing the boat and then I have to find a Rez Zone. Am I missing something or is this really how it is?
  7. I seem to remember you used to be able to set different Windlights to different heights of a parcel by specifying one up to so high and then from that height upwards a different one. Does anyone else remember this or did I dream it lol? Does anyone remember how to do it and is it still possible with all of the changes that have happened in SL? Thanks in advance for any replies
  8. Thanks Blush. My LOD is set at 4. Thank you Clover. I will experiment with walk anims. Happy New Year
  9. Thank you so much for your replies and ideas. Will be trying and hoping it works. Happy New Year to you all Update: Sadly didn't work. Still splitting....
  10. Ive noticed recently that when I wear a lower applier layer my pants or skirt splits under the buttocks when I walk and you can see skin. Obviously I can't alpha anything if I'm wearing an applier layer and this is a recent problem. Ive never had this problem until now. Im wearing a Maitreya mesh body. Ive no idea what is causing it or how to fix it. Im unable to wear an applier layer on my lower half without this occurring. My shape isn't overly large. Any ideas anyone please?
  11. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. time for some reasesrch
  12. Does anyone know of any body jewellery available for the Maitreya body, in particular belly jewels? ordinary ones for the SL body move around as the body moves and NOT with the body! any help much appreciated.
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