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  1. [::PINK DIAMOND::] Gentlemen's lounge is hiring ◊ Must Be Over 18 In RL ◊ Must be At LEAST 90 Days Old. ◊ Must be A Full Mesh Avatar [hair, body,head,hands/feet ect] ◊ Must work a minimum of 5 hours a week ◊ Furries Must be Approved by GM's ◊ Staff keeps 90% of All Tips + 50L/hr ◊ Must maintain an ADboard weekly. -Dancers-50L -Escorts-100L ◊ Must read the rules before applying Applications are just in the door of the club...
  2. [::PINK DIAMOND::] Gentlemen's Lounge is hiring: - Escorts (cam, voice, text 90% tips) - Security guards - Dancers - DJ's We have hotels for rent also, a mega mall to sell your items. So please stop by and grab an application or just to look around http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dust Real estate/68/49/22
  3. We are looking for: - Dancers - escorts (cam, voice, text) (90% tips) - DJ's (100% tips) - Security guards Please drop by to fill out an application http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dust Real estate/176/61/23
  4. No I haven't yet, I have 5 days before the land gets completely shut down. I'll sell it for 500 USD.
  5. Gone back up to 1000 usd + transfer fee. Tier due 2nd Sept
  6. Region name: Leonard Real estate 20k prims. Sell price $1000 ONO - $100 transfer fee. IM me here or email me at stelvia_13@hotmail.com Next tier due 02/09/18
  7. I need someone that can design a logo for my new club called Pink Diamond Gentlemen's club, please message me here or in-world about pricing.
  8. Thank you for the heads up New club it is.
  9. Problem is the previous owner doesn't play anymore. Not sure how to go about that.
  10. I was wanting to resurrect an old club that was open a couple of years back called [:: PINK ::] Gentlemen's Lounge, but I wanted to use everything they had (including the picture), is that possible? Or do I have to use my own stuff or start from scratch?
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