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  1. I filled it out too as I'm interested also
  2. I met a guy off sl that I was/now am in love with 4 years ago, we are currently dating rl for 6 months.
  3. Hi my name is Alexis and my daddy has let me look for a mommy domme to look after me with him, I'm a little/sub. Hit me up in game for more info
  4. [::PINK DIAMOND::] Gentlemen's lounge is hiring ◊ Must Be Over 18 In RL ◊ Must be At LEAST 90 Days Old. ◊ Must be A Full Mesh Avatar [hair, body,head,hands/feet ect] ◊ Must work a minimum of 5 hours a week ◊ Furries Must be Approved by GM's ◊ Staff keeps 90% of All Tips + 50L/hr ◊ Must maintain an ADboard weekly. -Dancers-50L -Escorts-100L ◊ Must read the rules before applying Applications are just in the door of the club...
  5. [::PINK DIAMOND::] Gentlemen's Lounge is hiring: - Escorts (cam, voice, text 90% tips) - Security guards - Dancers - DJ's We have hotels for rent also, a mega mall to sell your items. So please stop by and grab an application or just to look around http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dust Real estate/68/49/22
  6. We are looking for: - Dancers - escorts (cam, voice, text) (90% tips) - DJ's (100% tips) - Security guards Please drop by to fill out an application http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dust Real estate/176/61/23
  7. No I haven't yet, I have 5 days before the land gets completely shut down. I'll sell it for 500 USD.
  8. Gone back up to 1000 usd + transfer fee. Tier due 2nd Sept
  9. Region name: Leonard Real estate 20k prims. Sell price $1000 ONO - $100 transfer fee. IM me here or email me at stelvia_13@hotmail.com Next tier due 02/09/18
  10. I need someone that can design a logo for my new club called Pink Diamond Gentlemen's club, please message me here or in-world about pricing.
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