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  1. Its gets lonely on SL with no one to hang out with. I would really love someone like you as my sister. I cant wait to meet you in world. 😃
  2. I wear the skinnery skin with it but i didn’t add the jaws, that seemed to fix the issue
  3. No matter how much times i click on the teeth option in the genus hud, my avi is still teethless, am i doing something wrong?
  4. I think its fair to say we have all been burned by someone on here, it happened to me so many time that i had lost interest im sl altogether I havent really done the whole dominant/submissive thing but i am opened minded and would love to get to know you in world.
  5. Your not going to just find a random guy out of the blues to spend on you like that, speaking from experience they may want something from it too and most guys will give a gift or two but after-all they do tend get bored and move on the next person. If u do get lucky try to make the best of out it as those arrangements dont last long
  6. Thank you guys so much, you have certainly given me lot to think about. 😁
  7. I have been thinking of getting premium membership recently though it may be costly due to the coversion rate of USD to JMD but i would like to know the pros and cons. Is it really worth it?
  8. You are more likely to find them being inworld, go to places like gentlemen's club, beaches or even regular clubs. Put yourself out there but dont be too aggresive
  9. Instead of alerting my shap, i have a maitreya lara body i use a hud called NeNy pregnancy hud that allows you to change your stomach shape throughout your pregnancy, it works great i have also used it previously with my slink hourglass body
  10. You're most welcome! I look forward to hanging out with you😁☹️
  11. milania15


    Much appreciated, i'll check those out♥️
  12. milania15


    Thanks much, bit pricey for a head. Ive been using catwa but was looking to change it up
  13. milania15


    Where am I able to get a genus head and does anyone the idea of how much it would cost?
  14. Tread carefully, i have been in the same situation and just how i got the attention and the nice things quickly, he took at all away just as fast. Enjoy it while is lasts and try to keep some of the lindens just in case ***** hits the fan
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