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  1. @Tazzie Tuque I have received the dev kits from the bodies I want to create for. My main problem is how to get the mesh to properly move with the body.
  2. I have made my clothing now what ? I'm not sure where to start, with rigging the clothing to the body so that it moves flawlessly with the avatar ! Like clothes you buy from marketplace. My question is where do I start and how do I rig the clothing so that it moves with the avatar without any pulling and tugging of the mesh ?
  3. Where is the form to apply for the Legacy body dev kit ?
  4. I'm having trouble importing the Slink body from blender into Marv D. Either it keeps crashing or I get an "Not in T Pose error. Any idea how to fix this ?
  5. QveenEnvie

    Help !!

    So i just purchased the Legacy body and Lelukta head Nova . Once i put on the legacy body and try to attach the head only the teeth and eyes show vice versa. Any idea on how to fix this ?
  6. When making poses in Blender for SL, where or how can i download the Maitreya body to pose in blender ?
  7. Name: Nahtalia Noel Skill set : - Logo Making - Picture and Video editing - Thumbnail Creating - Blog writing and editing - Social media influencing - Picture Taking (Photography)
  8. QveenEnvie


    I want to start making and selling shapes but i don't know where to start or what to do any. help or tips ?
  9. Is there an application to get SL notifications while not in game.
  10. QveenEnvie

    Curious ?

    I found something that said increasing the bandwidth of second life can cost more own your wifi provider bill is that true ? Also will increasing the bandwidth stop lag I’m having extreme lag problems any advice ?
  11. QveenEnvie


    I recently just purchased a dance animation and Im having trouble. when i click to wear or add the animation nothing happens. Any help ?
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