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  1. Make another sound using the same walking sound but with a fade out, then upload that one and use llTriggerSound or llPlaySound to play it once when it stops walking?
  2. Same here. My first withdraw got cancelled saying it was "refused by the bank" on Skrill but my bank has no trace of an attempt even. On my second and current withdraw; haven't received the money to the bank account yet in 6 days. There might be something weird going on with Skrill.
  3. Make sure you adjust the pivot point of the blades and the top part to be in the same location on Z axis and that the pivot point of the fan blades is also in the middle of the blades on X axis. If you achieve that, the scripting work would be quite simple. Also, blades or the top part of the fan shouldn't be the root of the linkset in world. You can make the base of the fan the root.
  4. For the past 3-4 days, around 60% of my teleports get stuck at the progress bar slowly moving and result in a crash for some reason. So when I decide to teleport somewhere, I mentally prepare myself for a crash. Hopefully it will get better.
  5. There are many that are getting affected by the 499 problem.
  6. integer listdist(string check) { integer idx = llListFindList(test, [check]); if(idx == -1){ return -2; } //if there is none to start with: return -2 then it will not run the rest. list temp = test; //Make a list that is the copy of the actual list temp = llDeleteSubList(temp, 0, idx); //Delete all the entries from start to first one found. idx = llListFindList(temp, [check]); if(idx == -1){ return -1; } //if there is no more left in the temp list after we took the first one found: return -1. return idx; } Should do what you wanted.
  7. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-134072 Thank you for your response. I have filed a jira. I hope it can get fixed soon and easily.
  8. Greetings, After yesterdays maintenance on some specific regions we started to get 499 status code and as it was mentioned above the request key and response keys don't match. Everything was fine before yesterday for the past 2 years, same scripts, same php APIs/codes. If we restart the region everything starts working again as it should. Keys match and 499 status goes away. Everything turns back to normal. However, after a while (like 30 minutes, sometimes earlier sometimes a bit later than that) it stops working again and returns 499 codes with the keys not matching. Needing to restart 4 regions we have every 30 minutes or so is getting pretty annoying both for us and for thousands of players in our role playing system.
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