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Found 6 results

  1. Wild Branch Brewing Co. is seeking new additions to our team! NO previous bartending experience needed. If you are fun, friendly and outgoing then this is the perfect place for you! Contact Lexy Nexen inworld if interested, notecard preferred. Duties: Minimum of 1 hour behind the bar (you choose your hours). Sending group notices using your imaginative roleplaying skills. Serving beer and chatting with guests who visit our taproom. Who we are looking for, but not required: Someone with an approachable character and demeanor. Someone who has a decent social network and is able to invite friends to your shifts. Someone with an active and engaging social media account. (ex: facebook, instagram, flickr, discord, etc.) Someone who is a self-starter and team player. More About Wild Branch: A 2021 AND 2022 Editor's Pick in SL's Destination Guide. Nestled in a secluded area of Riverbook, scattered with lush shrubbery & green foliage, the Wild Branch Brewing Co. is a first of its kind craft beer brewery experience in Second Life. VIDEOS: Official Second Life Article + Video: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/9690-holidays-made-in-sl/ Isabelle Cheren: https://youtu.be/iTRHnoA9hEY\ Emily Wand: https://youtu.be/gKM7hBSc0Os Gamerwife Darkana: https://youtu.be/xV89NjDl91I SOCIAL MEDIA: FB: https://www.facebook.com/LexyNexen IG: https://www.instagram.com/wildbranchbrewing/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ggst5kV Website coming soon.
  2. Muy buenas a todos a todas, como bien dice el post actualmente estoy buscando en Second Life en varios campos puesto que tengo experiencia en todos ellos, voy a proceder hacer como un pequeño curriculum para que lo tengan todo ordenado lo mas interesados ^^ alguna información no la especifico completamente asi que seria mas por IM ^^ Nombre: Florezilla Zeplin Edad SL: 8 Años - 8 meses - 3196 dias Edad RL: Mayor de edad Actualmente busco trabajo en: Discotecas y Pub Puestos con experiencia: Manager, scort, dancer, Stripper y Hosting He emprendido estos puestos de trabajo incluse cumpliendo con 3 a la vez Tambien tengo experiencia en eventos/fiestas de boda, cumpleaños, solteros etc Y tengo experiencia en el mundo BDSM --------------------------- Escribo reseñas en Marketplace De manera totalmente profesional, abarco todo tipo de campos ya sea: Ropa, coches, armas, muebles, mascotas y las reseñas las realizo en el idioma que quieran, mejor en Español e Inglés pero también puedo en otro idiomas Venta de Terrenos - Skybox He trabajado hace un tiempo como encargada de aconsejar a los clientes y enseñarles los diferentes tipos de zonas de terrenos o Skybox que tienen para asi pues puedan encontrar lo que les gusta mas rápidamente y ayudarles ^^ También podría trabajar de alguna otra cosa pero eso si, posiblemente tenga menos experiencia claro :(, si tienen alguna duda o quieren contactar conmigo ya saben " Florezilla Zeplin "
  3. Zocalo Music Club presents Random Acts of Senseless Geekery with DJ Siervos and Sarai. DJ Siervos will be spinning all the best punk, pop-punk, rock, grunge and alt music as well as taking your requests and dedications, while the ever adorkably geeky Sarai will keep you entertained with fun conversation, witty banter, and maybe a super fun game of Mad Libs (these Mad Libs are NOT for kiddos)! So come get your geek on with Siervos and Sarai at Zocalo Music Club! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Langston/159/161/26
  4. The wet mare is a furry, adult, pub that is inspired by british pubs. Don't let the name deceive you. Everyone is welcome. No matter species or avi. Humans are welcome to ofc! There are different events every Saturday. A cozy invorement with not much afk. Overall a friendly and fun place to me. It's cozy and ppl + staff are friendly
  5. bonjour le Mama's Pub est à la recherche d'un manager, et de hosts il s'agit d'un pub, reconnu de tous comme étant superbe, un endroit amical mais avant tout dédié à la musique. Il s'agit d'une sim adulte, mais le pub est no-nudité. les deux postes à pourvoir s'adressent de préférence à des personnes parlant anglais, les performers que nous recevont sont principalement anglophones (US, angleterre, Pays-bas, ) mais aussi espagnols, italiens, amérique du sud, afrique du sud, Pérou etc Il ets donc impératif de maitriser la langue anglaise contactez moi in world, ou Not4U resident, le createur et propriétaire (IM mais de préférence note card) la voice est impérativepour pouvoir communiquer plus facilement entre nous tous les lms sont dans nos profils respectifs, ainsi que le calendar
  6. hello all, the Mama's Pub is looking for a manager, preference US time zone, english speaking, maybe another language too (spanish, french, portugese etc) This venue is recognized by all as a wonderful venue, and many live performers would like to jump in the calendar, but! I must sleep (europe time zone here) the first point is to love music as we do, and to be friendly! Voice is required (to be able to communicate between the staff) Its an adult sim, but no nudity in the pub ! Its a pub, not a club, international place, we welcome performers fromm all the world, US, Netherlands, Peru, Venezuela, Suth Africa, France, Great Britai, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, etc etc feel free to visit first, and check my profile, or the profile or the funder Not4U resident, do discoverour calendar and events feel free to contact me or Not4U in world, IM + note card
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