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  1. first time posting on this thread! great photos everyone!!
  2. @Whiteangel Falconvale feel free to add me inworld or send a message we can still be friends
  3. its probably fine as long as you don't go missing for super long with no notice ! we arent both online everyday but probably a few times a week ! i think youre already on my friend's list, we should all hangout sometime in world !
  4. I tend to keep my art stuff in my RL but I love talking about art and have recently been focusing a lot of my energy on it ! I'll message you guys in-world to chat
  5. Hi I flaked but not intentionally lol... would still love to meet everyone if there's ever a part two
  6. hii my name is ana or aer, no preference, I was kinda gone from sl for a while and have recently been around more often.. I like shopping for stuff and exploring, I've also done a few hunts and go to some live music events by myself but mostly, I go to empty places and stand around taking pictures of my avi in different outfits..my interests are varied and I like to hang around chatting about things like games, tv, and art..I tried to message as many people from this post as I could but anyone who wants to, feel free message me in-world or on the forums, would be nice to make some new friends!
  7. again sorry for the late reply! anarchy has always been with me lol but 8am is a bit early for me most days. Regardless maybe I can give it a try sometime. Thank you!
  8. I'm very thankful for the advice. Sorry I took so long to see it!!
  9. I am brand new to SL.. My account is 4 days old.. I like to explore and look around but most places are empty! Anyway contact me here if you want or add me in world
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