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  1. Hello, For example, i created some folders in my inventory: - Clothes - My Builds - Home... You can create subfolder under Clothes: Mesh/ TMP... And, for example, when i buy Textures, i always move them in the textures Folder... Also, there is the search function in the inventory (at the top of the inventory). So if you choose the good names of your folders: it will be easy to find your items... Also, sometimes it's a good idea to rename some items when they are modify...
  2. I agree too. But the majority of the people in Secondlife want a home and not a temporary place.
  3. Shar Moanalo wrote: and if I can do this can someone advise something like a item of sorts that makes their sim lag, crash, watever I dont care cos I just want them to stop sending me these requests! If there is one thing to not do: it's that. The self-control will resolve your problem and serious peoples will can help you. [EDIT] And are you sure that is the fault at this Sim or at this Sim owner? (because it's really stupid to spam tp at their Sim) Its perhaps some others rival Sims wanted to cause troubles at this owner or this Sim...? So did you try to speak with them ?
  4. Well, i'm french so i'm not able to provide a good translation service for anyone. It was just a little joke to Rhonda, nothing else
  5. Easy: "Everyone have a smartphone now and he doesn't understand why Lindens don't seem to work on this app"...
  6. It's just an Online indicator. And an Online indicator scan nothing at all it just show the Online status.
  7. Yes i'm a little off topic sorry lol. But when i saw that: i tried to correct my posts
  8. We spoke about scanners and Online status detection. But it's true that my post was not perfect. It was the reason of my edit: -> Well, that's for the scanners. LlRequestAgentData is used for the Online status detection and Grid Wide but not used in Scanners (Radars) because the scanners use others functions and there are Sim-wide.
  9. The Online status detection, it's just used by merchants and advertisements. To use this function for others things it's a very bad idea because this function is not optimized at all for that.
  10. - If you are in a private land or in a private place, they will can't come to you. - If you are in "do not disturb" mode, noone will can contact you. (Go to Me/Status and check "Do Not Disturb.") So "Avatar Online Scanners" can't disturb yours "alone time"
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