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  1. Ok I've reported this specific person multiple times as they stole my look about 4 years ago and I'm sure I'm not allowed to say their name here because of legal reasons but they copy botted my Avatar and I sent the proof to SLabs TWICE and they have done sod all to this person as I'm looking at the Copy Botters groups they're in and it says they pretty much logged in a month ago. This person was selling off my Avatar for like L$10,000 when it cost me $400 to get it done!!! Sorry but SLabs is a damn joke and I seriously feel like taking legal actions about it because what the hell why is t
  2. I'll say first sorry if I'm writing this crappy I'm tired Z.Z and sorry if I'm putting it in the wrong place wasn't sure to put this in Avatar or General Discussions cos it seems it's happening to me and not my friends and it's really getting to the point where it's annoying me, basically what's happening is whenever someone speaks it cancels my voice chat completely so I cant talk and whenever someones talking I wanna say something like just a quick "yeah" while listening to them still I cant I gotta literally wait for them to stop talking but today my friend was so drunk it was so hard for m
  3. Explained a bit on the subject because I didnt know what to put down exactly. Im basically getting these TP requests to go to their location of some adult sex escort dance crap or whatever it is and it's always the same place but different people ive been blocking and blocking and blocking so many different people sending me the same TP location for about 2 years and Im really getting sick of it! Ive done about a dozen complaints about this over the past 2 years and still getting this crap >=/ I am REALLY tempted to TP there and just constantly shout, spam, do something to annoy them so the
  4. Hi id like to make a new review on a product and I dont know how I go about doing that. Do I just delete my old one and make a new one? or can you not make a new one after you delete it? or do I need to click on something else? Thank you for your time if anyone can help Thanks ^^
  5. Its active the 'Pressing letter keys affects movement (i.e. WASD) instead of starting local chat' =( I just clicked it off applied and tried to to jump with e nothing then I checked it again to turn it on and applyied it again and pressed e and still nothing ='( I dont get why SL jump and fly worked for me but since all of a sudden its just stopped working right.. I mean if I double tap W I can do the run.. *sighs* v.v
  6. Also can someone tell me what buttons I press to get the advanced settings forgot its been 2 months without a PC >.<
  7. As it says Ive got the WASD on im not in a place where its a no fly zone Im using a brand new PC and I just downloaded Firestorm so its the first time on this PC yet I had this same problem before on my other PC which crashed on me. Can anyone help please? ;.; please dont say either use CTRL one its not working and plus I dont want to use that even though it used to work and now it doesnt
  8. The link wont let me TP to Luck Inc store says like Im not allowed there? So is the store down?
  9. Nope still doing the same thing and sorry havnt replied sooner didnt check this till like a week or so ago and only done what you said yesterday I thought it helped abit but then it started all over again so it doesnt fix the problem sadly to say. Also sorry about the Gay comment didnt mean for it to be offensive or anything it was just a saying but I will just go with why do pc gotta be so crappy.
  10. Oh and about that edit comment kinda forgot that for a second I shouldn't have any problems really because my sis and her ex bf used to both play wow on two pc and I could play SL properly although then that was my old pc now ive got my sisters.. so maybe a change in the settings maybe im not sure but I havnt had the black out and lag problem as ive been using this for like 4-5 months and the lag and black out happened only after I came back from my brothers after the two weeks.. so I dunno.. why do PC gotta be gay at times for no reason >.<
  11. Well the clean up is the only thing probably not done but with the cooling system its got I wouldn't expect the graphics card to get any dust.. although.. not used for 2 weeks while I was at my brothers it might of got quite abit of dust so.. **bleep**.. erm might get my sis bf to check it out as he knows more about taking care of the stuff and im more afraid I might damage something if I open it up
  12. Well im on windows 7 I don't have much of anything on except a few web pages and Gom player that's about it. My driver is up to date which im not sure if that fixed the problem or not SL was working smoothly at first but then it started it again I don't get it straight away but after like ive been in the same sim for like 10 minutes its starts doing the lag and black screen crap oh and im on avast but the thing is I didn't have any of this problem before hand . Im wireless which I wish I wasn't and my speed is ment to be 30mb download / 10mb upload but its 10mb dwnld / 1mb upld but still li
  13. As it says this is what I've been getting most times in places that have a lot of people and I assumed it was cos of so many people in the sim but then I went to a place called Spare Parts and only one person was on the map and I was lagging like hell and even at time's my screen went black on SL viewer not the entire screen only the SL viewer. Then it flicks to show what I was seeing before only to go black again and does this repeatedly until I can move abit and still lag. So what's going on =/ also here's my graphics card not sure if this is what you need to help me also got my quality on L
  14. Basically I want what the title says with the Lola tango I can find really good stuff but the problem is more is th Big Rig Booty which is shocking its not getitng any texture clothing cos all you need is the leg texture from clothing so not sure if someone doing an applier for it or something. Its just Id love like leg texture from GRAVES her stuff has alot of sexy latex and id like that for the Big Rig Booty but she wont give it out :( so is there any actual designers that will do this like do an applier for the Big Rig Booty?
  15. Looking for like clothing for big women basically and what im using are the lola push up and the big rig booty so my body kinda big and im looking for, sculpt clothing or mesh if possible for chubby avs, will do texture clothing I guess but I allways prefer prim stuff.
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